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There are half a million men and women in prisons around the world for the simple crime of disagreeing with their governments. From South África to the Soviet Union, from Brazil to Korea, authoritarian regimes persist in the barbarían practice of jailingfoften tortunng, their citizens not for anything they've done, but for what they believe These prisoners of consciencc have only one hope - that someonc outside will care about what is happening to them. Amnesty International has helped free over 14,000 political prisoners by marshaling world public opinión through international letterwriting campaigns Your pen can become a powertul weapon against repression, injustice and inhumanity. Join with us today in this important cffort. Because if wc do not help today's victims, who will help us if we become tomorrow 'y can help free prisoners of conscience all over theworld. P eSs' SraSM&k. J ü) would likt? to oia Amntw y International BK! : '" "elping 'o free prisoners of consaence ! bo Jr : Enclüsed are my iu" of ftteen dollars ■ g WBtaBr Cö5p ie" '"e """"f mformatton, VE ■k' 9 F F-nciosed tx 'nv ctmtrtbunon of $ i : íi'v tijr Tip ; : iDues and dpnatirms ar, taxdeducithlf)