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Higher Than High. Gordy City Of Angels. Tamla Since il leu Detroit, the lource and ubsiantc of its genius, the Motown Record Corp. has heen a company in artistic and finandal decline, Ihe tetesl word. though, is ihai one arm is returning and Ihal Motown will shorily be setting up .1 couplc ofsrak 111 town. It U's truc, til be jiisl in the lick of time, thal is. 11 I lic Mn.kk-s' lates album is anj indica lio n he effects of the Southern California scène on nativo Dctroil rausde. City Of Angels is (otally unredeemable Hollywood inind-riit. It's loosely stroctured asa concepi album, a pp opera ofsortsaboul .1 young songwriter who follows lus ex-lover, to no avail, into Hollywood. Ever) cliché youve evei heard aboul the City of Dreams is Irotted out and titted into the most mawkish, tiu'd musical setting imaginable. Producer Freddie IVrrm isdircLily icsponsiblc I01 tlus trasli and should be jailcd for crimes against the culture. Meanwhile. Norman Whit fteld, who's heen Motown't major source of musical direct ion Mnce llollaml-l)o.iei -Holland lelt, has given Ihe Undisputed Truth and usa heil ofa good album. It begins. as an album should, w ilh .1 tune. Higher Than High. thal comes out looking to Halten vou. It's hard-scll spaciness on the order of the Temptatiuns Psychedelic Shack and a lol of lun. Il 's l'ollowcd by onc of the most outrageouí lunes ever cecorded, l'ooniang. the ret ruin of which is "I used lo luie 11. lili I ale il." Wlntiield.or Mr. Extra Pexture as he should be known, is gjle to layei horns, vocals, synthesieis. pohce lusiles. and .1 dangerous rh) thrn section to stunmng effect on Boogie Bump Boogie and l'm In the Red one in ïddition 10 the tunes nientioned alune. I cnunt 5 or (1 oui ol ■■) tunes that rcally make it.