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Toots & The Maytals Jimmy Cliff

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Funky Kingston. Island Follow My Mind. Warnei Bros. More than nnyone ebc Jnmm ('litt is responsible loi reggae musie's penetration in iliis country, 1 hi-. is mostl) due lo the utcai film he WlOte, sl.irred, and s.iii.' in, The Harder They Come, aboul the han), often corrupt life in the big city of Kingston in Jamaica .nul one personé to "make ii." Aiïer the film wem ovei Jimmy was m tongei the Struggiinf Man he portrayed on screen. li preit) apparenl lha1 success has, indeed, spoited Jimmy Cliff. PoBov My Mind is weü-rei orded, slick. and prenv empiy. Jimmy continúes i write songs aboul hk hardship and puin bul it jusi doesrvl wort I oots and the Mayi.iK. on the othw hand, are sull ,i cuh taste. Funky Kingston, iheii insi Vmerican ulbum release, is .1 knul of besi ol the albums ihey'vc recorded in Jamaica and F.njiland. it is thotoughly delightful aiul bursti uith the rawness .nul humoi of a greal band ilai has yoi to make it, They blasi righl into each arul every time like aveniiuii.' heines. I oots has a magnifleentiy expressive voice that's remarkahly reniiniseenl ol (! K Redding. I he uncredited drummer owes j lol ol his ttttfi lo Motown's "Pistol" Allen Idii' espeii.iih llie opening figure of the mie mu.