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Gato Barbieri

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El Gato. Flying Dut ch man (jiu, oí courae, s the lorch-mouthed tenoi playei from Arpen tinu who's combined Latin American i'olk nuces, jazz, and a revolutionary international political perspective to come up wiih a supercharged bod) ii music that's mstantly recognizablc and hard n beat. 1 lying Dutchman Records, who used to record Gato, have been releasing even scrap ol music t lia i Gato evei pul on lape foi them in ilir fiopes il ciipii.iliniL1 on Gato's relat ive success with Impulse. Oddl) enough (oi not, I feel [hal Gato's earliei ork was stronger. Mis bands featured the likcs o1 Lonnie I isimi Smith, Stanley Clarke, Airto, and lohn Abercrombie, niid severa! of the besi effoits lo which these lolks contributed (from Bolivia amt Cnder liro mostly) are reinwed here. I he excuse foi i lus is a previotuij unavailabte suite entitled II Gato, twelve minutes loriga composed fur Gato b) band leadei corhpos saxophonrsl Olivei Nelson. ( onsidcriog ilic imlls ■u's fine wrk. nu luding especialty the hui Blues and the Abstract Truth efforts lic rclonk-il foi Impulse, iliis sime is unremarkable. n arranged various ilutes, an I nglish hom, .i Hjss clarinet, tiuit.ii and percussion Into i I a tinú i lie hom voicings :ire mixed down. I hc mosl exciting muinents hei when (..en and Nelson play al the same time. each man gnading and inspirmg the othei in .i iii.ninei somewhul reminisceni of Nelson and I ik Dolphy on the great Biutvsand the Vbstncl Truth.