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"the Bicentennial Dilemma:

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A 3-Day Teach-in on Technology and Repression- Universitv of Michigan Nov. 2.3.4 (Hffl Aud.) Sunday evening. Nov. 2. 7:3Opm: ASSASSINAIIÜNS ■The Assassination of Presiden) Kennedy," Mark Lañe "The Assassination of Roben Kennedy," Donald I reed " Hu' Assassination of Martin Luthei Kin.ü." Roberf Kat Monday. Nov. 3 9:00 am: workshop: "Political Assassinations" 10:00 am: (ORPOR I1 MAN1PULATION "Multinational Corpoiations," Richard Barnet (director, (nstitute foi Policy Studies; authoi . Global Reach) 'Habor-'s Role in Coverl War." Sid Lens (editor, Liberation magazine) "The Ruling Class," Wüliam Domhoff (author, Who Rules America?) 12:30 pm: lunch break 1:30 pm: special guesi speaker to he announced 2:30 pm: panel: SUBVERSIÓN oí I1II I ORCES 01 DISS1 M moderator: Cari Oglesby (forme r national president, SDS) "The I Bl'sCOlNTI LPRO .nul the Cl A's CHAOS."' Syd Stapleton (national secretary, Political Riuhis Defense Fund) "Subversión öf the Women's Movement," Nancy Borman "Counter-terrorism and the Agent Provocateur," Donald I-reed "Conspiracj Againsl the Black 1 iberation Movement," David DuBois (novelist, leading spokfesperson lor the Black Pantfier Partj ) 7:30 pm: panel: PÓLICE RLPRIiSSION moderator: William Kunstier "The Militarization oí Pólice," Tim Butz (co-director. Orpanizini! Committee tor a I iíili Estáte) "N'cu Pólice rechnology ," Jon Frappiet (North American Congress on Lutin America) "The Militar) ai Wounded Knee," Regina Brave Dixon and Frank Star "Pólice Represston in Oakiand County' David DuBois Tuesday, Nov. 4 9:00 am: SURVEILLANCE AND ÜATAVI 1L1 N( I Tuesday, Nov. 4 9:00 am: workshop: "Counter-spies: Ihc People's Inteüigence," Margaret Van Houten (1 it'tli Estáte) plus: workshop to be announced 10:00 am: SURVEILLANC1 AND DATAVEILJ AN( I "Electronic Surveillance and Computei Data Systems."" Cliuck Morgan (Washington director, A.C.l .1 .) "The I lil and Electronic Surveillance," Frank Donner (director, A.C.L.L'. Pro-' jecl on l'olitical Surveillance) 12:30 pm: lunch hreak 1 :30 pm: iiest lectdreí to be announced 2:30 pm: pand: M1ND CONTROL "The Garrison State and Mind Control," Blanche Cook "liehavior Modilication: I rom Genesis to Genocide," Steven Chorover "Behavior Moditication in Prisons," Dan Georgakas "Content Analysis of TV Commercials," Beverly Moore 7:30 pm: LOOK1NC, TOWARDS THE FUTURE [ntroduction: William Stringfellow. N.Y. attomey "The American Revolution: A Two Hundred Veai Cover-up," Jeremy Kif kin (director, IVople's Bicentennial Commission) "Revolution and the Third World." líqbal Ahmad plus, spécial guesl speakers: Rep, Michael Harrington (l)-Mass.) and also Piof. , Herbert Marcuse .