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Jack Nicholson in ÉL The Last Detail 3ü[ Thursday Sunday Oct. 16-19 7&9:30pm S1.50 ■ tv'v. The wildly raucous and poetically complex portrait TBC of an arrogant but sensitive sailor. . . THE LAST DETAIL. Directed by Hal Ashby, starring Jack KëjBH L Nicholson and Randy Quaid. Monday - Tuesday Oct. 20-21 7&9:30pm $1.50 Mae West as Tira Tempter the Lion-Tamer sings "Sister Honky Tonk" in her titillating comedy thriller I'M NO ANGEL. Cary Gram and Edward Arnold swoon and croon. Wednesday Oct. 22 7 & 9:30pm S1.50 From the director of Last Tango. Jean-Louis Trintingnant gives a powerful performance as the pre-war Fascist assassin who ultimately reveáis his truecop-out nature tn Bernardo Bertolucci's most coherent and dramatic work, THE CONFORMIST (1970). Siaughterhouse fHHKSHH L■ Thursday Sunday Oct. 23 26 L rlVC 7 8,9:30pm$1.50 . -Wik Kurt Vonnegut's wacked-out science fiction ■;L tÊÊÊ """% L 't V time warp, SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE, B ■ " , f - ■ i brought to the screen stars Michael Sacks as m jy Pilgrim the time traveler, and Valerie Perrine q jj as the luscious space cowgirl who joins -"" ■■- J r Pilgrim in his pleasure dome far out in space. l - - B--&- I Monday Wednesday Cl K 'S Thursday - Sunday Oct. 27-29 ml'Ê k. 1 Oct. 30 Nov. 2 7&9:30pm S1.50 Wfj M' W% 7 & 9:30pm $1.50 Ken Kesey'sSOMETIMES a ,1 j Joel Gray and GREAT Starring . 1 Pk h J I Liza Minelli sing and dance Paul Newman, Henry Fonda, -PÉlt 9 L. M 'e" wav 'hrough this Oscar Lee Remick, and Michael "Jn1 ff "WrTj w'nn'n9 depiction of pre-wai Sarazen of a prominent logW 1 tiA ermanV. Dope.transvestite' ging family attempts to mam - ; t jt a and mass obedience make tain its dignity and cohesión . S ta(Sl tms a classic film of Jecacient amidst sabotage and disputes. WM. ■ -f2 1930's Germany.