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Effects Of Oppression: For The Signal Of Liberty

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D ETRO iT , May, 5 1 84 1 . The friends of huinanity in this place and vicinityare called Uon tosjtrfpathise with the unfortunate colored people who have been driven to peek nn asylum in Michigan touvoid the mobsof a neighboring State. About sixty or seventy havo reached Detroit, afler a tcdious journey fiom Dayton,Ohio, the scène of iheirlatc persecution. In consequenee of the privations Ihey have endured, their exposure to the inclement senson, and the deslitution occasioned by their precipítate flght, nine or ten, tnostly females htve been seized with the pleurisy, four of wliom have died, and a niimber öf the others are not expecled to iive. That uncompromising friend of the oppreesed, Doet. Porter, is using all the skii] he pqssesses for tlicir recovery, and some benevolent individuáis are makiiïg arrangements to assist others to business. Within a few rods öf the place where some ten ycars since I witnessed a fellovv being seized , manacled, and put on board a steamer, lor the "worthy cause of a skin notcoloured likeour own." I was called to converse wüh people of the sable race, who had been dn en here for proteciion, and in the laicrt stages of life, and i it was cheering to learn that they were ready to die. Ten minutes before one of theni loft this woríd for a bctter, whcre slaverj-'s chains are unknown, she reques . „1 „. i c i ileu irayer 10 ue macie. sue nppearcu lo realize its wort!), and responded, though but faintly, amen. S'ie raised her hnnd and pronounced the name of Jesus - a hymn was sung during which lime ehe exclaimcd, Glory, Glory, when her voice lailec!, andshe became silent in deatli. - A few hóurá nitor, nnothci' died in the sume housc. 'J'hey ivere commilted to tlic earíl), to awake in the restirreciion, whcn justice iníicxible will dcuido the fate of the shedders of blood. Scveru! infants are left never to lisp a mothcr's sacred name. fi. P. Hoag. Wemenlioned Iast WGel:,that íhe mul)ocrats who had heen prcsented befure ihe Grand Jury ai Dayton, Ohio, for destroyj ing ihe dwelüugs and cther properfy of ihese persecutcd beinge, only because they were black, would prohably, for this time go "unwhipped of jusüce," as Ihe the grand jury had net found an a bilí againi-t any qC them. Tiiis is about ihe exlent to whieh ledress usuaily can be obtained by thecol'd people. Thcy are en from town to town, and state to state ■by a ferocioiis and blood-thirsty rauhitude eager to injure those vho never injured Üicm. The hard carnings of many ycars d aroycd in a lew hours - shut out froni all hope oí legal redress, themselves and their families turned into the streel at midnight, naked, pennyless, houseless, comfortlcss, hopclcss, - having no assurance for the future, excepjertainty, Ihat wherever they rnay same laAvleas oulrages may be pjated upon the ir peace and happiness with the same itnnunity. And th'en to cap the cütnox of injustice thera are not wanting those who are ready topoint to ihecolored man, thus injured, robbed and oppressed, p.nd wonder why lic cannot falce care of himself!