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_ 2k TREE MINÖL S & __ ï#_ WITI1Y0LR wtM IP 8IJN HSÜ WP SIBSCRIPTION m%, I U Charles Mingus's just released genius recordings - VC T a liM Vw i jBw ■■"íí Oitingcs I and II - or Commander Cody's latest fijmJ4Í JPV i ■ " rockabilly - Tales From The Ozom - are yours 1 -TTS - H Sst" ■■ fci. free with a one or two year subscription to THE I A'll 7' " ! TrTÍmm Í SUN' southeastern Michigan's journal of news analysis lA V ■■■ I ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■e. lATLAPJTICl ( ' V J j l 'v ' Give me 24 issues of the surj. ancl a free record. Enclosed is $5.50. ♦ftrfttfTjl IkJÏ I'H take 48 issues of the SUN and a free record. Enclosed is S10.00. ■T1"SHIBBEBMUHBÍ Bi I l'lease indícate fint & second chohes. _ Mingus, Changes 1 _ Mingus, Changes II _ Commander Cody Name Address Apt. No. City ( State , Zip Send check payahle lo SI'S, P.O. liox 721 7, Nartli Station, Detroit. MI 48202.