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'-''ZL 1 Y The Guardian newgweekly - fcl provldes a clear Marxlst- 'ifClI üONTlNGtWT Lenlnlst analysls of Imperlal a J k f T 0 kACIQMI cri8es' women'8 straggle, the C ,N VI ' W " W F p rie of the thlrd world, the 01 Pk r IC "? DT KI people's mov i-ment at home fï f r&tDLn ' l "J "nd abr0lul' n1 h lü0 V - tH Í- j, . 'JÊL rl} feature, npeclaJ politica] colI r C K 3Q r J umns, cultural and book re■ml .Já . J B ■ . Tij H view, on-lhe-spot coverase B x A Bi from China, Portugal, South■I r y i3HL TT --ast Asia, and around the U.S. Join the lonq march I? u' for 8 weeks - " the Guardian every week! D $12.50, one year D $20, 2 yrs. D $7.50, one yr. unemployed, student or retired □ $1,8 wk. trial offer. Name Address City State Zip (Add $4 per yr. additional postage for Canada and elsewhere abroad.) . Mail to: Guardian, 33 West 17th Street. New York, N.Y. 10011. Js i u- i ■ -