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General Intelligence: Profane Swearing

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We recommend tlie following moral and phiiosophtqgl nu ice of an odious, wicked and mo3t inexcusa ble vice, from the Philadelphia Public Ledgcr - to general perusa!. It ia calculiited -'To mend the manners Ê mprove the hcart. "Among all ihe numeroua vices of ihe day, that of taking the name of God n vani, is most completely based upon folly witliout aa excuse to stand upon. Tlic drunkard is prompted by a thirst f r drink, originaling frorr. various canse?; the thief, robber, burgler, furger and black., leg are influenccd by avarice or want, usually originaling in heíls ;' ihe ïmuderev is hurried on by reveuge, instigated by the devil, and so on throngh the blackcatalogue of crimes; none oftiiem excuses it is true, that are founded on reason, common sense or jusiice. But Uie profane üwearer searches in vain for the snadoW of an excuse, and renders liimself riiiiculous and disgusting, without a single redeeming agent. He surrenders himself a sla ve to habit, and is led captive by folly. lie casts a dark shade over nis beller qualities, lessens himself in the estimalion ol good men, and ünintentiiorially plants many a ihorn in the more refined bosom of a friend. This habit viiiates the tnïnd blunts the iiner feelings of the beurt, creates irreverence-for the great Auliior of our existence. A litllo reflection by a man ui' .sense, who is unfortunately addicted to this foolish, ungcntlernanly habit, wou ld produce reformnlion."