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"Does Big Love Bunny want to stick his tongue in Little Love Bunny's fuzzy?" Little Love Bunny and Big Love Bunny are attracting hordes of dumb bunnies who pay $6 a head to watch them copúlate in the Studio North Theatre's Naked Came the Stranger. Ouiside. 25 picketers gather each night, wielding "Down With Símil" placarás and Karsh wordt lor Thomas Plunkett, thé theaters attomey, who has lucceufully kcpi the rcels rolling indoors. '"Roses to Patterton, Skunk Cabbage to Plunkett," one reads. Inside patrons are graphically aroused by Little I ovo Bunny and Big Love Bunny, who vocalie each phaseof t'oreplay. and cameras which captare each pumping 01 sueking motioh. The dialogue is weak, the sex scènes are long. and thé plot of a middle-aged woman who will do anythtng to get husband-Love Bunny back is worn as thin as the print itself". Julianne and William Blake are televisión talk show hosts who fornicate between scripts. They are educated. Each night thcy get down between stacksof hard cover books which are piled up on ei the r side of the bed. Miraculou&ly, the stacks never fall no matter how heavy the action gets. Me is the handsome earth type. He and nis producer, Phyllis ("Little Love Bunny") lake long romps in a cíele park and tall grapmcally in the hay. Julianne s imaginative. Slie niasiurbates outside Phyllis' door to the arousing voices of L.ittle and Big I ove liunny. She charters an bnghsh tounng bus !o give lier iieighbor ;i drivmg blow job on Fifth Avenue. She dons a tuxedo to inake it with Phyllis. Bunny love flourisheg. Phyllis rails lieacl over tail in love with Julianne, decides tliis is morally wrong and moves to California. Julianne hops back in the sack with her husband. wlio still leves Phyllis. and sucks him offin happily wedded bliss. Theater Manager Jim Uewcllyn s;iv he doubts ilic inovic would be here today out Oaldand County Prosecutoi L. Brooks Paiierson's publicity campaign. Since l'atterson snitched the film cannisters in lale Augusi and led an unsuccessful coufl battle in Ferndale District Court, the proflts are soaring. the prices are hjgher and the pat mus' numbers are swelling. In fact, Llewellyn says the theater luis not had to spend a cent lately on adverI tising. The court bat tle is carried on page one in three daily papers and teatured on televised news programs. Llewellyn, whose theater shows all types of films, says the community has I a say in any film in Oakland County. If they don't patroni.e a film, it won 't last more than a week. 1 continued nu page 27 Bunnies & Bucks continucíl Jroni page S l.lcwellyn can't speculate how long Naked Carne thc Strangerwüi last. He says it depends on the patrons. The film is a product of a group of Yruwiír reporters. Tliey each wrote a sensuous chapter deseribing the wedded couple's extramarital affairs. Written as a satire on pornography, the book was a best seller, and the movie seems destined to go the same way. In f act. a Michigan State University film group has achieved phenomenal success with screenüigs of Ñu kal. tuuting it as the film "banned in Oakland County." Could be the film is less a satire on porno than on crusading prosecutors and the vicwiiig public.