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With Robert Redford Faye Dunaway, Cliff Robertson, Max Von Sydow, John Houseman. Produced by Stanley Schneider. DLrected by Sidney Pollack. Screenplay by Lorenzo Semple, Jr., and David Rayfield. Rated R. At several local theatres. Director Sydney Pollack, uorking from James Grady's novel, Six Days of the Condor, luis come up with the t'irsl ary i ia intrieue nim. li surpriang, perhaps, thal the dea a natural extensión of the mystery and spy genres took so Ion;: to be realized, but the endless wve öf hoadlinos in recent months concerning nau revcUUQm gboul mir superagency has apparently nov. pnpared i mass market tor it. 1 ormnately. unlike the James Bond series and (Ulier earlier effOTtS m the miernational-intrigue field, the lier of Pollack's lilm (Robert Redford) is not the agent par excellence, pulling otï iho impossible assignmcnt and enteitalning iu along the way witli his macho exploits, bui a telatively innocent "reader" in a New York CIA front orgartization who ends up pitting himselt'against the whole Company. It i indeed a ign of the times that Pollack doesn't attèmpi to romanticize the CIA or glorify Hs role, as so man) earliei films aboul pólice, the 1 BI, and the Anned I orces have done. AcUially, CIA people. u ith the exception of Redford, are portrayed sccuratety (one musí sur.. mise) as - responsihlc only 10 the eencept ol total control at any COSt, umnindful of the ciplos involved or who luis to die in the process. l'hey aro portruyed in the ir actual roles .is manipulators of the news, maSters of deceit, and coldbluodcd murdeters. On Ilie levcl ol an action-fiUed spy intnptic, exclusive af weightiei consideraiions. the tilm is crisp, fascinating, and entertaining. Hopefully, these qualitiés will encouiage more peopie to seek substantia! tactual nfopnation on the real C which, sad to say, is a luindred times colder and more territ'ying in its actual operatkms than anythine in this film would indícale.