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DETROIT Cass City Cinema, First Unitarian Church, S.W. córner of Cass & Forest (red door on Forest) 8:00 & 10:00pm. $1.50: Oct. 31-Nov. l: "Zagreb Animation Festival" (1972, Yugoslavia); Nov. 7-8: "The Conformist" (1970. Director - Bernardo Bertolucci); Nov. 14-15: "Children of Paradise" (1944. Director - Marcel Carne) Detroit Film Theatre, Detroit Institute of Arts, 832-2730; 7:00 & 9:00pm. Oct. 31: "Rafferty and the Gold Dust Twins" (U.S. A., 1970. Director - Dick Richards); Nov. 1: "Brewster McCIoud" (II. S. A., 19U. Director: Robert Altman); Nov. 7: "Don't Cry With Your Mouth Full" (France, 1974. Director: Pascal Thomas); Nov. 8: "Pierrot Le Fou" (France, 1974. Director: Pascal Thomas); Nov. 14: "Dodeskaden" (Japan, 190. Director: Akira Kurosawa);Nov. 15:"The Manchurian Candidate" (U.S. A., 1962. Director - John Frankenheimer) Cranbrook Academy of Art Museum, Museum Lecture Hall, 500 Lone Pine Rd., Bloomfield Hills, 645-3312; 7:30pm, $3.00. Federico Fellini each Wednesday. Nov. 5: "814"; Nov. 12; "Juliet of the Spirits"; Nov. 19: "Amarcord" ANN ARBOR Ann Arbor Film Coop, Aud. A, Angelí Hall, UofM, 769-7787: 1029, Stanley Kubrick Mini-Festival "The Killing" & "Dr. Strangelove, or How To Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb"; 1030, "A ClocKwork Orange"; 111, "Holiday" & "Philadelphia Story wGrant & Hepburn & "Kingof Hearts ; 114, "Lenny" (Bob Fosse); 115, "The Fugitive Kind ' (Sidney Lumet) & "Duel in the Sun" (King-Vidor); 116, "854" (Federico Fellini); 117, "And Now For Something Completely Different" (lan MacNaughton) & "Kingof Hearts"; 1111, "Breathless" (Jean-luc Goddard) & short The Dove"; 1112, "Ladiesand Gentlemen, The Rolling Stones" (the Stones' 72 tour recorded & filmed); 1113, Special Frank Zappa Film Festival "Po'Jama People Special"' "KCETL.A.-TV Special," "Head," & "200 Motels." Cinema II, Angelí Hall, Aud. A, UofM, 7641817: 1031, "Testament of Dr. Cordelier" (Jean Renoir); 111, "The Little Theatre of Jean Renoir 112, "The Crime of Monsieur Lange" (Jean Renoir); 117, "Floating Weeds" (Yasujiro Ozu); 118, Memories of Underdevelopment" (Thomas Gutiérrez (Alea) Cuban film; 119, "Bailad of a Soldier" (Grigori Chukhrai); 1114, "La Salamandre" (Alain Tanner); 1115, Children's Film Feature (3pm) "Walt Disney's fchabod & Mr. Toad"; 1115, I "The Middle of the Road" (Alain Tanner) Cinema Guild, Oíd Architecture Aud., UofM, 662-8871: 1029, "Fury," (Fritz Lang) & "Hunchback of Notre Dame" (William Oieterle); 1030 "Pandora's Box" (G.w. Pabst) & "Dead of Night"; 1031, "Secret Agent" (Alfred Hitchcock); 111, "Mr.Smith Goes To Washington," 112, "The Heiress" (William Wyler); 114. "Potemkin" (Sergei Eisensteln) & "Naked Spur" (Anthony Mann); 115, "Potemkin" & "Gun Crazy" (Joseph Lewis); 116, "Bigger Than Life" (Nicholas Ray) & "Make Way for Tomorrow" (Leo McCarey); 117, "Captain America" (all 15 chapters); 118, "Flying Down to Rio" (Thornton Freeland); 119, "Tout Va Bien" (Jean-luc Goddard); 1111, "I Want to Live (Robert Wise) 1112, "Ride the High Country" (Sam Pecklnpah); U13, Jazz Singer" (Alan Crossiand); 1114, "Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier" (Norman Foster); 1115, "Duck Soup" wMarx Bros. New World Film Coop, Natural Science Aud. or MLB, UofM, 761-9855: 1030, "Marijuana: Weeds With Rootsin Hell" (plus 3 Betty Boop cartoons); 112-3, Hitchcock doublé feature "The Man Who Knew Too Much" & "Sabotage"; 114, "The Devils"; 116, "The Emigrante"; U9, "What'sUp Doe?"; U10, "M.A.S.H." U12, "Emmanuelle"; U13, "The New Land ; U14, "O' Lucky Man." Matrix Theatre, 605 E. William, 994-0627: 1029, Ken Kesey's "Sometimes A Great Notion"; 1030-112, "Cabaret": U3-5, "Little Chickadee" w W.C. Fields & Mae West; 116-12, "Amarcord" (Fellini); 1113-16, "Touch of Evil" & "Beat the Devil." _ 3roup on Latín American Issues presentí films on women in Latín America: a"With the Cuban Women" & "A Doublé Day's Work" Wed., 115, 7 & 9pm, Natural Science Aud. The Inmate Project of Project Community Film Series, Aud. C, Angelí Hall, UofM, 7:30pnv. 1028, "Attica" by Cindy Firestone (documentary footage of the Attica rebellion). UACMediatrics, Natural Science Aud., UofM, 763-1107: 1030, "The Birds"; 1031, "The Haunting"; 111, Frenzy"; 112, "Psycho"; 117-8. "Harry and Tonto"; 1114-15, "Getting Straight." UACShakespeare, Natural Science Aud., A&D, UofM, 763-1107: 113, Peter Hali's "A Midsummer Nights Dream"; 1110, to be announced. Women's Studies Film Series, Modern Lang. Bldg., Lec.Rm. 1, UofM, Thuridays, 9pm: 1030 Literaturen "Gertrude Stem: When This You See, Remember Me" & "Virginia Woolf : The Moment Whole": 1 16 Older Women: "Rose Argoff" a portrait of a 75yr-old Russian Immigrant & "Teil Me Where I It Hurts"; 1113 Lifestyles. "Sylvia, Fran & Joy," "Lavender," "Joyce at 34" & "Men's Lives" (documentary on masculinity. Ann Arbor Teach-ln presents "Rush To Judge ment" 1 129, 7 & 9pm n Natural Science Auditorium. YPSILANTI Media Services Film Series, Room 213 PrayHarrold, EMU, 7pm: 1030, Psychology: "Rollo May and Human I Encounter" & "Dr. Erich Fromm"; 1113, Geology & Ecology: "End of ONe," "The City that Waits to Die" & "Urban Impact on VVeather and Climate."