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Railroad Accidents In England

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On ten of the principio raüroads in England, there occurred betweeu Set. IS30 and Noy. 1838, twenty tvvo de.uhs, and sevenleen cases of injury. The agrégate distancewhich tho cars traveled on ihese roada in that time is 29,8-19,8334 mifes, ü'üd the num'oer of passengors 44,705,591. The Great Weslcrn steam-ship Co. are immense iro) steamer to run to N. Y., made of iron sev en eighih of an inch thick, tightly joincd wilh riveis, and wilh ribs and keel of iron and divided into small coniparlnienis, ao a hole be made, it wijl not fiil the whole ship.ri 03" John Trusa, Fat lier of President Tyler, succeeded Benjamin Ilarrison, Fa l lier of the late President ilarrison, in 1781, as Speaker of the Virginia House of Delégales. John Tyler the son of the foriner Speaker Tyler, succeecls VV. H. Harrison, son of] Benjamin Ilarrison as President of ïhe United SlatVp.