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HpH Sometímes ACreatNotíon Monday - Wednesday Oct. 27-29 IBM' k en Kesey's Snnw limes a Great Notion star studded rast ol , "S Paul Newman. Henry Fonda, Lee Remick, and Michael Sarrazin [a oía promincnl logging family attempts to maintain its ilignus LE . and cohesión amidsl sabotage, and sibling disputes Cabaret - Joel Grey and Liza Minelli I sing and dance their way through tliis I I n Oscai winning depiction ol pre-wai Gei IPB I V_vl)RE T many. Dope, transvestites and mass obedience not only make this a classic film oí Thurs - Sun decadent 1930's Germanv but surrealisticI r_t on inv o II ■ ■ A 'I 'I ' Al I " ' ■ all) satinze oui present s 1 A 1 1 deca ppBnflV dent, psychosexual anti-musical. r J'W ■ - . . ■ í Wesl and W MW I TTIc I C. Fields combine I TI y L-IIILL T'fl ''"" 'L'SS" ll(l"'s l . i ■ Hb. H I '""' '"'"irl" philo C HIIK riFF P4í I sphy l'iat kepps tinVl 1IVI.-WJCC I S I augIS rolling roin? .. , ... j Ï , I rolling rolling. ... in Monday - WedI M, ,ltlll, auikaill.r nesday Nov. 3-5 j I (194) L!% AmarcorcJ B'fl __.. U fhursday - Wednesday Nov. 6-12 r t J I LO 'I Fellini delves into his favorite subject - himself - RJaW PV vsith a delicate display ril wierdness absurdity, and mBjI JHI #i sexual deviance as viewed through the eyes of "youth ItTXJI Vtv I I '"' 'nnocence A classii cinematii wonderland expei II V. l# ïencc. Amarcord is a beautiful carnival show ol the 1 " " " " sacred things in Fellini's life. All Shows at 7:00 & 9:30 for $1 .50. Fresh Refreshments sold in the Theatre: Buttery Popcorn, Yummy Candy, Cold Dnnks