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IntomiinilAl Mabma Doublé Feature through Sun. Nov. 30 imemdiionai nouie $1 50 for One$2.5o fOr both Sure-fire laughs from the witty WC Fields and the all-star cast including Cracie Allen, Ceorge Burns, Bela Lugosi, Rudy Vallee and Cab Calloway singing his hit tune "That Reefer Man". 7:00 Alice in Wonderland V -V'-1 Surreal and bizarre treatment of the Lewis Carroll classic, yh Zïir fS-V - starring Gary Cooper Cary Grant, and WC. Fields. Directed Vj, I !mt-L$?Wr by the Thirties comedy crazy Norman McLeod. Don't be late! aáJrV J j 'J Matrix Mania ! nov. 2828 Fr & sat Mdnte $2.00 r'Offlíií '■'$! Friends Roadshow Band DIVINE in PINK f ..4m' MM$fÍYT, MINGOS Marx Bros. short and FRIENDS THEATER. -ÍOtI y - WdlOW SubmaVlnC Mon-WedDec. 1-3 $1.50 f g w Tne Beatles captivate the Blue Meanies and save the world in the mK0aiJ psychedelic animated classic cartoon Shorts: Moist Dream and M_- V Betty Boop in Mothergooseland I wFk Hanlef Yhcy (omeT!rSun Pt 'Z?' J The film that brings the raw world of Reggae music and VB - jJ Jaimaca to the screen for the first time, starring Jimmy Cliff HJ Mdtlil Ndllid Dec S6 Fn & Sat Midmte $2.00 jjl r Live Latin ja?7 band MELODISO FRIENDS ROADSHOW A ÍJ presenting Michael Spaghetti's Vi Ring Circus CSfiteF labf ilkíe POÍni Mon-Wed Dec. 8-10 $1.50 3I Vk Antonim (Blow Up)'s comment on the Creat Society, filled with Sex, P""4- Dope, and Campus Radicáis. With Mark Frechette, Daria Halprin and Rod Taylor. HclFOld & MdlldC Thurs-Sun Dec. 11-14 The film that became a classic in its own time starring Bud 9J , "El" Cort and Ruth Cordon. How many times have you seen $ Lé?&È& M-ïw Mrnï=. Dec. 1213 Fri& Sat vSÊh WÍtfiF "■■■■ HIW Midnite$2.00 KtÏP ÜPW Live laz with SYNERGY the unclassic cult film 4 $TËÉMW%T skidoo, starring Groucho Marx, Jackie Cleason, and .mL-. l ffl f JL Mickey Roonie. Shorts: Bambi Meets Godzilla and '. t v 5PW8iaSs Nixon's Old Glory Speech. $$&" WfyFresh refreshments sold in the theatre Buttery gopcorn, Candy & Cold Drinks