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DETROIT Detroit Film Theatre, Institute of Arts, 5200 Woodward Ave., 832-2730; 7:00 & 9:00 pm, adm. $2.00. Nov. 28: "La Ronde" (France-1950, Max Ophulus); Nov. 29: "Paths of Glory" (U.S.A.-1957, Stanley Kubrick); Dec. 5: "The Working Class Goes to Heaven" (ltaly-1972, Elio Petrl), to be shown at Rackham Aud., 80 Farnsworth; Dec. 6: "Le Jour Se Leve" (France-1939, Marcel Carne); Dec. 12: "Days and Nights In The Forest" (lndia-1970, Satyajit Ray); Dec. 13: "Monsieur Verdoux" (U.S. A. -1947, Charles Chaplin). Cass City Cinema, First Unitarian Church, S.W. córner of Cass & Forest (red door on Forest) 8:00 & 10:00 pm, adm. $1.50. Dec. 5-6: "Alphaville" (1966, Jean Luc Godard); Dec. 12-13: "Get To Know Your Rabbit" (Brian DePalma). ANN ARBOR Ann Arbor Film Coop., Aud. A. Angelí Hall, U ofM. 769-7787: 122, "Shock Troops" (Costa-Gavras); 1234, "Day For Night" (Francois Truffaut); 125, "Get to Know Your Rabbit" (Brian DePalma) & "Don't Look Now" (Nicholas Roeg); 129, "King of Hearts" (Phillipe de Broca) & "Once Upon A Time In The West" (Sergio Leone); 1210, "Sisters" (Brian DePalma) & "Greaser's Palace" (Robert Downey); 1211, "Enter The Dragon" (the finest Bruce Lee Epic). Cinema II, Angelí Hall, Aud. A, U of M, 764-1817: 125, "Yojimbo" (Akira Kurosawa) & "A Girl In the Mist" (Hioleo Suzuki); 126, "Age of the Medici" (Roberto Rossellini); 127, "Dodes Ka-den" (Akira Kurosawa); 1212, "The Harder They Fall" (Mare Robson) Bogart's final film; 1213, Children's Film Feature "Peter Rabbit and the Tales of Beatrix Potter" (3:00 pm only); 1213, "State of the Union" (Frank Capra). Cinema Guild, Oíd Architecture Aud., U of M, 662-8871. 1126, "Notorious" (Alfred Hitchcock) & "You Can't Take It With You" (Frank Capra): 122, "Toni" (Jean Renoir); 123, "Frenen Can-Can" (Renoir); 124, "The Southerner" (Renoir); 125, "Rules of the Game"(Renoir) ; 126, "Phantom of Liberty" (Luis Bunuel); 127, "Ugetsu" (Kenji Mizoguchi); 1211, "David Copperfield" (George Cukov); 1212, "The 39 Steps" (Alfred Hitchcock); 1213, "Hollywood Cartoon Extravaganza"; 1214, "Seance On A Wet Afternoon" (Bryan Forbes). New World Film Coop., Natural Science Auditorium or MLB, U of M, 761-9855. 124, "PLay It Again, Sam" (Woody Alien). Matrix Theatre, 605 E. William, 994-0627. 1124-30, "International House" w W.C. Fields & "Alice In Wonderland"; 121-3, "Yellow Submarine,"; 124-7, "The Harder They Come" starring Jimmy Cliff ; 128-10, "Zabriskie Point" (Antonioni) Matrix Manía (every Fri. & Sat. at midnight) presents 11 28-29, "Pink Flamingos" plus Marx Bros. short & the Friends Theatre. Live jazz wlth the Friends Road Show Band; 125-6, Friend's Roadshow presents Michael Spaghetti's 12 Ring Circus plus 2 Betty Boop Cartoons. Live jazz with Melodioso; 1212-13, "Skidoo" (with Groucho Marx, Jackie Gleason, Mickey Rooney) plus "Bambi Meets Godzilla" & "Nixon'sOld Glory Speech." Live jazz with Synergy. UACMediatrics, Natural Science Aud., U of M. 763-1107. 125-6, "The Paraliax View"; 1212-13, "Alice In Wonderland." UACShakespeare, Natural Science Aud., U of M, 763-1107. 121, Peter Wirth's "Hamlet"; 128, Paul Czinner's "Romeo and Juliet"; 1215, Roman Polanski's "MacBeth." A2 Wounded Knee Support Group, 7 & 9 - Modern Languages Bldg., Lect. Rm. 2, U of M. 121, "Broken Treaty at Battle Mountain" (Angelí Hall-Aud. B); 129, "The Dispossessed", "Native American Week" & "Defense of Wounded Knee" and "Why Wounded Knee?" Women's Studies Film Series, Modern Languages Bldg., Lect. Room 1, U of M, 9 pm: 124, Feminism: "... And Everything Nice", "Women's Liberation" & "The Black Women"; 1211, The Arts: "Antonia" & "Woo Who May Wilson?" YPSILANTI Media Services Film Series, Room 213 PrayHarrold, EMU, 7pm: 1211, Potpourri: "Musical Pig," "Dot and the Line," "Five Minute Thrill," "Permutations," "Very Nice, Very Nice," "American Time Capsule," "Hailstones and Halibut Bones" & "The Magician." Mud Cinema, Strong Auditorium, EMU, 487-3044. 123-5, "The Great Gatsby," 126-7, "The Point" and "Robin Hood;" 121012, "Harry and Tonto;'1 1213-14, "Groundstar Conspiracy" (EMUstaff,' students & faculty only).