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CLASSriEDS BULLETIN BOARD CONSUMER'S BEEF AND CHEESE offers every day retatl and wholesale prices on cheese, beef, produce and seafood. All of our products are sold with a complete money-back guarantee. Consumer's Beef and Cheese brings food prices back to the central Ann Arbor area. CHEESES: Jarlsburg 1.99 Ib. Mozzarella 1.55 Ib. Monterey Jack 1.45 Ib. Brie 3.20 Ib. Parmesan 2.39 Ib. Wisconsin Cheddar 1.75 Ib. Gouda 1.95 Ib. Swiss 1.85 Ib. Port Wine Cheese Spread 1.75 Ib. MEATS: Turkey .69 Ib. .79 Ib. Over 80% lean Ground Beef 1.05 Ib. PorterhouseT-bone 2.09 Ib. Rolled Sirloin Tip 1.59 Ib. Rolled Rump 1.59 Ib. Chuck Roast .99 Ib. Pot Roast 1.19 Ib. English Cuts 1.19 Ib. Sirloin 1.69 Ib. Rib Eye 1.59 1b. and other excellent meat prices. PRODUCE: Lettuce .39 head Bananas .19 Ib. Yams .17 Ib. Cranberries .59 Ib. Cauliflower .69 head Carrots .19 Ib. Broccolli, bunch .49 Celery, stalk .49 Peppers, cukes .29 Oranges .79 doz. Tomatoes .35 Ib. SEAFOOD: Lobster 4.75 Ib. Buy in quantity and save even more. All prices subject to market change. CONSUMER'S BEEF AND CHEESE- 216 W. Hurón St. Ann Arbor Mon-Fri, 11-6, Sat 8-4, 995-9200 EASTWIND COMMUNITYlocated n Ozarks. Seeking members. Promoting a nonpunishing, nonviolent, egalitarian society. Growing Quickly. Presently 48 mempers. Associated with Twin paks in VA. Interested in ioining, write or cali: Easttaind, Tecumseh, MO. 65760 iROOMATES wanted to share roomy home. Preferably males who get high and still maintain. Barbara Torn orSharon, 624-6251. BUMPERSTICKERS! ANY MESSAGE CUSTOMPRINTED $2 each; 75each additional copy; $7-10; $20 50; 26100. K. Donnelly, Box 271, Newvernon, N.J. 07976. WE LIKE THE FACTS. We are looking for any person who has knowledge that he or another has been the victim of secret law enforcement files or who has been falsely charged by Pólice. Contact Patt Slack 313-963-0886. SEEKING bisexual feminist people into radical social change, nutrition-vitality, personal liberation. People dedicated to honesty and openness in relationships, write FBS Communtty, Box 609 Louisa, VA, 23093 FOR SALE 1971 CHEVY TOWNSMAIM STATIONWAGON, 9 passenger, air, power steering and brake's. Cali 485-7346. FENDER STRATOCASTER with case, $250. Univox Amp, 95 Watts, $125. Yamaha acoustical guitar with hardshell case $150. Cali 662-9849. Matt. PERSONAL WIFEWANTED: ThiS 45 year oíd professional journalistannouncer, attractive, seeks intelligent, kind, attractive woman under 38 to share happy life. Send Photo and phone to Box 1223, Northland, Southfield, Mi 48075. GAY Attractive, youthful, male. Mature, aware, liberated and sexually uninhibited Seeks gay or bi males for mutually enjoyable get togethers. Possible long term relationship. Write telling a littleabout yourself, include photo. Complete discretion assured. Sincere replies only Please. John, Box 3528, Detroit, 48203. l'm 23 and enjoy music, movies & going to parties. l'm looking for a woman to share them with me. Age or looks are of no concern, l'm 5"8", weigh 195 Ibs. Jim 542-3996 MUSICIANS EXPERIENCED guitar w equip into all styles. Seeks gig. George 313-399-7155. I ANN ARBOR CREATIVE MUSIC CENTER 336V2 S. State, Instructions on all instruments. Emphasis on creative music (jazz, rock, latin, folk, media). 9940080, 10-3pm. GRAND OPENING Sun. Nov. 30, l-5pm. Hosts Ron Brooks, Paul Katona. EXPERIENCED lead guitar player seeking to play and record with serious, original rock group. I write my own material , and sing too. Rod 517458-6948. WANTED: 15yearold R&R prodigies- bass, drums, piano, guitar, vocals. Contact Insect Enterprises. 482-5115. PUBLICATIONS $10,000 CAR FREE, Plus facts on all 1976 cars. Money back guarantee. Send $5. MOTOR GUMDE: PO Box 03018, Detroit, Mi 48203. RECON, December issue includes: Food Aid as Military Policy, Pentagon Evicts Diego García Isianders, Army Readies Ray Gun for Next War, New Directions for the Peace Movement, and much more. Send $3year (12 issues) or 35Écopy to RECON, PO Box 14602, Phila., PA 19134. NEW MAIL ORDER CATALOG of women's labor and other political music, from Meg Christian and Cris Wiltiamson to Utah Phillips and Joe Glazer. Bread and Roses Community Music, 1724 20th St., N.W., Washinton, D.C. 20009. Send stamp for catalog. HELP WANTED We're looking for two professional airbrushers to work with us on a line of airbrushed clothing. Please cali 994-6059. Foreign Matter. The SUN needs responsible volunteers interested in learning production skills: lay-out, key-lining, presstyping, etc. We also need artists, photographers and proofreaders. Salaried positions for experienced people will be open in the near future. Cali Leni, 961-3555. SERVICES PROFESSIONAL Commercial Artist avalable--for consultation or production. Portfolio available- Free estimates. Kathy Kelley, 995-2753 or 761148. PROFESSIONAL, camera ready art work done by SUN artist with 8 years experlence. I specialize in logos, posters, flyers and ad design and layout. I can show you a large portfolio of my stuff to give you ideas. Freí estimates and low prices. Cali Gary tnornings or evening 995-3551 or 761-7148. CARPENTRY DONE: CUStom Cabinets, Shelves, Furniture, Storm Windows, 3tc. Also Renovations, Consultancy Services, HAND-MADE CHILDREN'STOYS. Reasonable. Dan, Detroit 872-7394. Ann Arbor, 994-4853. Leave message. HAIR REMOVAL! FACIAL AND BODY Hair Removed Permanently by Electrolysis. Eyebrows arched and corrected. In grown hair, sideburns, bikini Unes, etc. 10 years experience. Complete privacy. Cali 313-557-1906 John Garrett, Registered Electrologist. PENNED PALS Contact with people on the outside can help make a prisoner's stlnt more barable. Thomas Ulrich no. 119877 PO Box E Jackson, Mi 49204 Bob Kosrnecki no. 630011 PO Box 520 Walla Walla, Washington 99362. PROFESSIONAL TYPEWRITING' Experienced. Oissertations, term papers, compositions, reasonable rates. Cali 761-9253 between 8 and 3. ASTROLOGER: Spiritual nterpretation and progressions plus natal chart, $25 readings are given with person verbally and are recorded on cassette tape. Cali Bill Albertson, 483-1954 in Ypsilanti. PHOrOGRAPHV BY zNoxtn MfLXsxïnnex m CANDID WEDDINGS (CAMERA J pÍIIÍÍlYc'rOUPS " "" COLOR) PETS WHITE) COMMERCIAL. CALJ. (313) 779-5096 OR 772-O472 2 RÊSGflRCH PRP6RS SU, THOUSANDSONFILE fifaj TKSa.PWOTTï.3PEÏOS.l WM i MMIMl-trrT 3- J 0OE.FSWYVEBLDG. ï-pi SUTE2O6,CAW)eKNJ.0eiO4 SUN CLASSIFIEDS Announcing the New SUN Classitied Rates 20 WORDS FOR S3.00! , All ads $3 minimum. 15c a word for individuáis, 30c a word for commercial ads. Non prof it organizations 10c a word. AM ads must be prepaid upon pubhcation- Print or type out classified and mail t with payment to Tfw HUN. 603 E William, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48I08. Nrm Addres City, State, Zip