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Fot my own parí I am not aahamed to say, that my sympathies are with the people,that my sympathies follosv where their mightiest interests lead. To me, the multitude is a sublimer object than royal dig nity and titled state, lt is humanity, it is universal man, it is the being whose joys and sorrows, hopes and fears, are like my own, that I respect, and not iny mere condition of that being. And it is around thissame humanity, that genius poetry, philosophy,and eloquence.have most close ly entwined themselves; it is embraced with, the very fibres of every truly noble heart that ever lived. Bul, not to dwell on considerations of (hi abstract nature. í lookjat factsj and facts, too, that are enough to 8tir the coldest hcart that ever lived. - I look upon this fellow being, man, in the aggregate and in the mass, and I see him the victim of ages oíoppression and injustico. 1 take his part; - the tears of my sympathies mingle with the tears of his suflfering; and I care not what arristocratic ridicule the avowal may bring upon me, My bloodboils inmy vains,and I wil! nottry tostill their throbbings,when I think of the banded tyrannies of ihe earlh; the Asiatic, Assyrian, Eyyptian, Etiropean; - which have been united to crush down all human interests and rights. This is not with me, a matter of statistics, orofpwlitical generalities. Down into the bosom of society: down among the sweet domesüc charities of ten thousand million lir.mps: - down among the sore and quivering fil)res of human hearts unnumbered and innumerable, the iron of accursed despotism has been driven. At lengih from the long dark night of oppression, I see them arrising to reclaimand assert their rights. I see them taking tho power, which to them indubitably belongs into their own hands. I reoice to see it. I rajoice, and yet I tremble. I tremble, lest they retalíate the wrongs they have endured. Bul yet, do I see? I see the people showing singular moderation. I repeat it - I see the people of France and England,m the great reforms which they have undertaken during the last fifteen yeare, showing singular moderation. SUall I not honor suchnations? The people of my own country I know still beüer; and for ihat reason probably, I honor them still more. 1 firmly bclieve in the general disposition of the public niind in Araerica to do right. - Faults and dangers therc are among us, and on these I mean to comment fieeiv. -


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