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With lus' V- end issue oí the SUN, foiks may be ticing sume changes 111 ihc paper. Obvïously, there'soiw f shmy new logo perclied alop page one, adomed by the Detroit skyline, iiid you might notice tiiat wo'rc doublmg our etíorts ra pacK in as mucn ïnformation per column inch as we possibly c;in. biinging yóu more stories aboul mort goinas-ou than ever bcfore. So we've deeided tliis would be ;i good time to pause from wr usual banter in this spaee and llave a straight-Up rap uith you. dear readers, conceming vhai we've been trying to accomplish over the past severaf'months and where we would tike to gu (rom here. f;iihl of've no doubt noliced by now tltat ihe antique style to which you may have beconie endeaicd n this corner of the paper lias given way lo a more contení' porary idioni. Weli. those ofyóu who are oíd enougli to lemember Itïy's lenure at the l'rcc l'rcss will recogniie oui previous efforts as an atteinpt t pay homage to journalist ie tradition and to serve as a link between ihe origina] sharp-eared oíd sidewinder and our mvii modernied versión oddly-wise sneet hipster. We kept getting the urge, though. to break into a more conteniporary vernacular, hut were held back by the need to sound like a chafacter tVom the '4D"s. Realting ihal nothing stands sim. anu mat iiiy is, m last, geiung youngei au me time. we'vc decided to lake a leap Lato the piesent and allow the ui" Dopester, in the tut ure. to iHilie the full range of his constantly-growing vocahulary. About oui nevv logo, wlïicli we uwe to ihe conception ol our Kulchur Editor, J.tin Sinclaii . and the talented pen ut' uur statï cartoonist . Gary Keil. A lot of peiple. despite all our forís tó sv detnonstfate ours overwhelming S, lercsi in present-day luipponings rialit here in Detroit, vvliere our editorial office lias been located foi llie past three monihs. still soem to think of us as "the Ann Arbor SUN." Not that wc have anything against Ann Arbor, which has supported oui humble efforts for so many years, anu wlncli we continue to serve editorially and circulation-wisc. as rrnich as is within oUr power, nut lo speak Irankly. there carne a time when in order to keep growing and expanding uur oparations, we had to widen our horizons And it didn't take very long to seethat riglil under uur noses was Detroit its metropoiíían área, comprising some 4.5 million people living in an área wliete all tlie important issues in the country today we re being piayed out. Uien we reaüzed that these people had no Communications medium offering them the kind ofin-depth news analysis, cultural coverage, and just plain good reading wliidi we considered our forte. We looked at the possibüities for change in Detroit, with its first black city istration, led by a mayor whose political background seeitied to have something in comiïion with our own viewpoint. Ceitainly. we thought about the expanded economie base that an area of such size and population could provide us with, il we could otter il a valuable service. So, while maintaining our offices in Ann Arbor. we opened up shop he re this tall. We raised enough capital investmeni to propel our initial etïort to cstablish oorselves as a legitímate media torce in Detroit. We gradúa Hy transferred our product ion department here. began concentra t ing on issues oí immediate significaree to Detroiters, and secured a major distributor to help us get the word out. We added to our statï. and many of continued on page TV The SUN has an opening tor an ambitious, creative salesperson to work ads n the Detroit Metro area on a high commissión basis. Great chance to carve out sales area at initial growth stage. Submit resume to Ad Manager, Box 7217, Detroit 48202. 1 f rV con tin uedfrom page 2 our Ann Arbor-based people endured the problems of frequent commuting. We began to reclaim the roots we had put down in Detroit from 1967 on, wlien the first issue of the SUN (hen the Warren-F'orest SUN) hit the streets, and to extend those roots into the very nerve centers of the exciting politica!, cultural, and apcial activity that make today's. Detroit siich an interesting place to be. I dilorially, we have been quite limited by die need to print no more pages than our aduertising revenuej could support initially. We i:r main task as letting you know who we Were and wheie we were coming from, and so we embarked on a series of issues which examined in depth, one by one, sonie of the crucial áreas of interest to Motor City residents-including regional government, conliict between the city and the suburbs, the question of pólice involvement in the heroin trade, the character of the city's first black administration, and the general urban crisis. Now, as we anticipate having more room to maneuver, we will be shifting away f rom this quasi-magaine t'ormat to what we intend to be more like the tablojd newspaper we are best suited to be-bringing you more pieces each issue, on a wider variety ot' topics, while maintaining our in-depth approach and our unique perspective. To top things off, we've moved into a brand new office in the downtown Leiand House, whete we have room to spread out and grow. To give us time to settle into our new home, we'll be taking an extr.i week between this issue and the nexl-which will be out January I5th. We're excited about these changes, and we hope you will be. too. We have a lot or'goodies coming up tor you in the coming yenr, and we're looking forward to making it a real good time tor all concerned. So, until next time, on behalfof Itïy the Dopester, this is the SUN statï Mgning off ïnd sa mg,"Ilave a high and happy New Year- and let the SUN keep you wurm this winter!" Iffy the Dopester is vacationing in Jamaica.