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4th Quarter

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It's the 4th quarter...and Motown's going for the big score with a power play straight up the charts. DAVID RUFFIN "- "Ar ■fMA l( X „ANYÁA noihm, íf ,- Americas most excit"WholAm" . m AfÜ wmn ng rock trios, explorM6-849S1Newfrom t' 7V JQ scvk-m WSL V ___LZ nq a new source The Temptations' formar lead W?1 I' ToLLt A - TTÁÍ of power: The smger.Producedby r LL H w m lÍTHíE títv?"6 Bermuda Van "The Hustle" McCoy. 7 if-m iJiSlEIHB Triangle. M ÉSfc. single from the hit film. ,- - -É R9 fe Features "Theme From ƒ' ' } . 77"7" - ______ destmed for immediate radio W B """"-S1 ?v 11 and disco airplay. Or" l jg'í:Ss;-;= 11 fl COMMODORES:==:::::;:::í==S;;l U lililí M "Movin' On" M6-848S1 """l nllllll IBm ' An exciting batch of surefire a- - - - - W disco and radio hits from one GROVER WASHINGTON. JR. 'Fee.s So Good-" KU-24S1 Xmïricïïnd'ïS worfJ0""5 '" "Mr. Magic. " 1975s most honored jazz musician. presents his Mmerll-d ana lne wono. most explosíve album to date. Arranged by Bob James. I SAI - ' - ' Lü From The Motown 4 Machine. Breaking Records (and tapes) "?town Record " Corporation Motown Records and Merit Distributors wishes to thank all of our dealers for making 1975 such a successful year. UNIVERSITY MARTA'S SIMPSON'S ALLHUDSON LIVONIA MALL MUSIC SALOON MICKEYSCHORRS CELLAR RECORDS BAD RECORDS RECORD & TAPE RECORD AND PLYMOUTH 5 M RECORDS & WHITE'S RECORDS WAYNEMUSIC DETROIT AUDIO CENTERS TAPE CENTER RECORD & TAPE TAPES WOODLAND MALL WELSBY MUSIC BOOGIE RECORDS Korvettes LOONEY TUNES CENTER FLAMING RAT RECORD & TAPE THETURNTABLE BOPSHOP LAGREENS MARTY'S RECORD HUT RECORDS CENTER HARMONY HOUSE CIVIC MUSIC DISCOUNT RECORDS RECORD RACK FLINT RECORD KUBECKMUSIC SOUND MILL DEARBORN MUSIC RECORD MUSIC MAN BONZO DOG SHOP LIBERTY MUSIC SEUGMAN BROS. DISC SHOP CENTER TROY RECORD & GOODVIBES MARSHALL'S SHAYS RECORDS DISCOUNT TAPE CENTER GREATER MUSIC MUSIC BOX RECORDS DETROIT "Success is nothing without someone you love to share it with."