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Ebenezer Is A Geezer

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On December IS. 1975 1 wem lo the piay called '"I hencer is ,i Cleeer." Il was good! Ebenczerwasa vcry mean man. ll lic évet thoughJ aboül w;is money. He thre iunk al some kids. He scared them by going: "Gcaaaaatihhh..." And they run lo Miilo. He ïhrew boxes ti 1 11 of junk ou( the windpw. He never paid his rent. He had a whole Lot of monej . He never shared anything. Ho evicted iho Cratchitt lamily, Mie imnher and daughter, at t'lirisunas. Bob Cratchitt, the father, liad died jiisi 4 year.s ago ;md as now the ghost of Christmas Present. The gliosts came one at a time. One showed the Scrooge how he when he was a yciung man and how many women bad wanted u niarry him but found lie was Icm ricli lor them. lhere was a lot of dancing. One :hosi showed whal .is going to happen on ( hristmas and Iho olher one slunved that lus daughtei was going to dio in the future. Scrooge's daughter luid on j big cost and hal and lookod hko Scrooge himself. At'ter Iho ghosts showed him whal was going to happen, he changed himsolt and moved Iho C'ralchiu lainily into one oL his apartntents. (8 vcars oíd) Ñuto: "Ebenezei Is A Geezer"will perl'ornieil ajuin on Dec. 26, 27 P and 2S. Cali S32-273O for informulion. H