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and TootSand the M:itals At Ponmet Stadium , December 6th Coiitrary to the loca) eoverage of the Wïio concert ai the Pontiat Stadium, not everythin? wus as n shauld have boon lor suoli ju occasion. Iho overall aliliosnlicrc of the Stadium is not cónducivc to concert use, lor duo th ing; the blating sound systcm was dístoíteá-, echoes bounced off the eeawete walls which made il hard to understand what was beiiiii said and -.urn1. and the seáting arrangement was most hideous with an fstimated 76,000 Luis jantmed in ti'.'lit. IVople on the ïiKiin floor, who had waited outside since tlie nicht before to gel a main-floor spot, wete packcd tocthei so closelj that thcrewas scarce room to boogie, 01 even tü move. Fhose who sal near the leakable roof treinblcd with chatteri leeth Ihroughout the show, and only those who sal directly in Ironl ot'or bchind l ""M sec the h;ind prancing around :i I". iway. I he unfüvorable concert condttions ere nol in the best interests of liie lans bul ivcre primarilj . in the intcresl of game promolers and thfi stadium authorily, iu kneu that the drawin powei oi the Who could lili the stadium to brmt; n liiüssiyè profits. l'he only conecssion made to th; tam'. . sense of sight, a lar ge sereen over the stage upon ulueh images of the band were miermittently projeeted b) Iront-stai-'e video uni!s. only oecasionally managed to show :he Who as they must've Ipoked Ironi out in fronL Wlien the spotlights were low the action on tlie sereen was ba rel J isible bul when the liehts ucre bright the group as a wkole was an exclting experieme. A charge ofenergy struek the fans Itke the zap of a wi.aril's spell w hen tlie lio began thcir set with the silies elassie'"'! Cafl'l I plam." 1 he equally aged "Substituto" foitowed, and thenthey were mto an entree ol' hits trom thcir ten-year eareer, meludinj; "Haba O'Reilly," "Won't Gel l'ooled Again, John Intwhistlc's "Boris tlie Spider," and a 45-ininute medley of music Irom the infamóos Tommy oratorio whieh broughl the lans to their Peet lor the familiar llash. Ihe lio worked hani, tooked 'jood. and projeeted theii show well even m the monstrous arena they cliose lor their Detroif-area appearance. 1 ar Irom a decadent band, their energy and versitality impressed eveiyone. Alisoluiely Mailt, ever so darm;j, the Who's show combined the best elements of ttieir classic Detroit-arca performances with stuit tliat hadn't been done here before. Watching Peter lownsiiend whip thuui!h the air playuip hls ae look me hack some years, and it was ji i?ood trip too. Still and all. with all the discomiorls nientioncd, the concert ai times became u gdgantic bore. Even the over-flowing energy which tïlled the air couldn't block uut whut many poople tolt, that there was something stranue about s training to see tour hule figures bounding on a jtage fat away, and a lot oi peopie lett before the show ended. Most remained Foï the last triumphïnt leaps ol' the disunt pop stars, however, eeïtatic t have been presen! at yet another historie rock event and thrilled at the sipht. however microscopic, ota real old-fasliioned rock and roll hand in the home ot the I.ions. there be no doubt about it they were hot! - Bernadette Marris A word or two should be suid here about some aspects ol the historie Who concerl ludí brougfvt "rock" to the Pontiac Stadium tdi t tío firsl time. lirst. the show was óbviCTUSl) the largesl concert production ever inounted b mok promotors in this area, and l was equally pbvious Hut Bamboo and lielkin 4'roductions liad preparcd wel] foi the event. I Ik massive sound and lichting systern ásscmbled for the occasion by Showco did as muen as anything could do to ameïioratt tho miserable couditions imposed on tho Shou by tho slieor sio o! the stadium and its total iuappiopiiate nos as ,i musical vcnue. Iho video projection .ieu lefl mucli o be dosiicd. however, j I tioodcd niíigniTications on stage lacked in dolttution and consistenc) throughoul tho Who's performance. VVhat's worse, the video team failed to próvido any coverage of Toots & tho Maytals wjiat&o$ver, which lolt the lantaican reggaë stars bterally in tho daik .is as tho aiuli cerned. Iho sociaJ .ispocts of tho event wore n intriguing totaily different l'roni tho foolball crowd, tho young rock and ruil Cans turnod tho stadium into a vast replica ol' tho -Grujido Bailroom, with tho Hoor aroa packèd sltouWêr ■ to shouldor with people and tho liorsoi promenades teeming with folks stnding; . stuwbling, strolling, and stepping uround aod'-' aiotmd throuizhoiit tho night. The feoling in the crowd wlis morédilS" ' . thero wore somc 76,000 people present at ' . this partictdar show , and the SÍZ8 alone jáistd ' the trip to a whole 'nothei lovol. I olks ure " visibly and audibly flashing on tho roalüy gil so many sinnlarK -inclmed people 111 ono place at tho samo lime, and tho strem: Ht and energy ono leols in a nnitted house at C obo Hall uas magnified moro than the 6 times tlus numbér eount wou Id indícate. Plus tlic Whvo put on a classic performance, rising happily to the occasion, and their audionco warntly and roundly appreciatod overy minute of it- a factor which made everything else that was t'ood in the evening, even botter.