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Gil Scott-heron And The Midnight Band

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at the Michigan Theater. Aun Arbor, December 5 ■n goMJ .is p"ci 'sinter (iil Scott-Heron's various Int sinjjes ("The Revojution sill ot Be lolovisod." "Winter In America," "The Bot t Ie," ".lolKinncsburg") and albums have been, ihey don'i effectively communicate the explosivo rhythmic potenlion of his Midnight Band. Gil and his guerrillas carne lo the Michigan Theatre in December 5, Ihe second in .1 series bl'Sl Nspuiisiireit Midnight Concerts ihere. and demonstrated pretty omvimingiy (hal ihey are indeed, as (il explained, "abciul ihe business qf rhythms." And the combination o( these ryjhms iih Gil's sireei-w se observatipns can tren makc foi .1 dangerous biew. The tnastei rapper diose to open with "Damned If I . Know," which asks diese Tinal questions of moment ■ "Wlio runs ihe CIA?" and "Wha runs ihis country?" l'olks were slill lesulying as to the truth and strength of lus analj sis when the hand jumped into "Gcneration Sopg," ulneh featüred Bilal Sunni Ali's rjspy, Barbierilike saxophtJhics. Oddly enough, tor all Ihe juiee tltis ' severwnan rliytlim hand can produce, Ali'.s tenor as. '. 'unlil'ncaT the end, the strongejl part of the show. Ite .especially shone tn the majestic "Resting Place." ,' But tiie tempo around down during Ussex." "WinterIn- America," and "South Carolina," and things really djdii't t.ike offagain until "Johannesburg." The band rode on that energy straight into 'The Bottle," which showcased some of the greatest druouning it's ever heen my -picasure to he.11. We were graced witii 1 5 or ÏQ inimiles ef pure. dense, jungle boogie, mostly courtes) ol Dr. ("ol Drtunology") Barnett Williams, congai; and Tony Duncanson, timbales. There wasn'1 a person in the house wlio wasn'l moving with hem and it oeeurred to me that drums, when played that beautit'ully. are all many of us need. ( alled liack Tor an encoré, Gil renunded us that "There Ain't No iuch Thing As A Superman," and lelt witl our gratitude. - ■