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Minia continued from pugc 12 Southei n p...

Minia continued from pugc 12 Southei n p... image
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Minia continued from pugc 12 Southei n post-bellum racism by Paul Green, continúes through January at the Detroit Repertory Theatre on Woodrow Wilson near Davison... Terry Pollard, one of Detroit's premier ptanists-in-residence, takes her quartet (featuring vocalist Dennis Rowland) into the Music IVlan Lounge weekly, 6 Mile near Greenfield, and there's no cover besides... The '4 Tops at Olympia Christmas evening, with the Origináis and David Ruffin sharing the bill. Dynamic Dave goes into the 20 Grand over the weekend, followed by Ron Banks and the Dramatics frbm NY's Eve thru Jan. 1 1... The Dramatics also seem to be booked into Henry's Lounge, on Fenkell, Dec. 26-27-28, following an appearance by the Impressions... Ted Nugent with Rush at Cobo, Dec. 29... Sidney James Blair & City Slicker at the Top of the Pontchartrain, downtown, Wednesdays from 5-8 p.m.... Popular Ann Arbor jazz deejay Tavi Fulkerson has moved from WCBN to WUOM-FM (91.7) for a Saturday night jazz show there, 1 1 :30 to ' 1 :30 a.m.... Elvis Presley at Ponmet (now there's a perfect match) New Year's Eve... and a big "Welcome Home" to one of the Motor City's finest citizens, bro. Herb Boyd, on his return from six months in África. Have no fear, and we'll see you' next year....