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Disgrace To Humanity

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 You are a menace on the highway and a disgrace to humanity. 

You get tickets.

Probably because of your inbred lack of respect for law and order and the rights of other citizens of the road.

And they cost you a bundle don't they?

Well. There is only one way you can redeem yourself in the eyes of the world. 

Stop getting tickets.

Get a Snooper instead.

The Snooper detects the presence of radar long before radar detects the presence of you.

It will tell you to slow down.

Having slowed down, you will pass before the beaming approval of the law.

You will begin to like it.

Who knows? You might even get a Christmas card from your insurance agent.

You're absolutely right! It's time I mend my ways and with your help become a rehabilitated citizen. Please send me ____ Snoopers at $79.95 each.

Mail this coupon and the full amount to 

Counter Measures Security Systems, Inc. 300 S. Thayer, Suite 8 Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104 (313) 994-4264