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U)íiingYpitonti Wherever you live and whatever your business, adverttstng is a critical means for reaching potenttal customers. The SUN NEWSpaper wants to help you make the most sensible and efficiënt advertising choice avaílable The cost and effectiveness of an ad usually determines its valué. SUN advertising s oné oí the only low cost ways of reaching people in the southeastern Michigan región A local advertiser could have this space and thé attention of our readers for $37 50 for a two week span. a price which could be lowered even further by having the ad run more than once. And reasonable pnces are important too, for the advertíser who can't afford a big' proinotional expenditure Advertising effectiveness, on the other hand, is measured by comparing cost wtth the rújmber of people a publication reaches The SUN now has an estimated readership of over KJO.OOO, 3 ítgurc which is rising rapidly and steadiiy. These people trust the SUN and notice who advertises there They understand that the SUN believes ín our área and cares about its pimple And, these 100,000 know the SUN's complete calendar of events is the first place to look kvhen planning an evemng or weekend I he SUN can work for vou, at an affordable tost and with high efficiencv. We urge you to considpf this umquf" method of reaching new patrons ani look torwarcl to helping vou get the best possible results tor vour advertising dollar Cali David Sinclair at the SUN newsp.iper and see whril we C8fl ofler We li be readv to do business. (313) 961-3555,