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f IT TAKES T WO TO STEREO ■ I ■v..v..v..v.w.v.v.v... w.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.y v.yv.v. XXv!vXvX'!v!% ww.v.v.M ■tv #% v L V HT v k 9m ■ r fc jw k tTm 1 ■ ByQnnnnnDnnUDuyE nr f Kbu and Audioland Doesn't it always take two? Two glasses (cheers!). Two speakers (doesn't that sound great?). And to get that great sound, two people (you and Audioland). It takes Audioland for three reasons: One, Audioland knows that happiness is hi fi that sounds best to your ears. Two, Audioland is the franchised dealer for more brand-name components than anyone around. Three, Audioland purchasing power assures you of unbeatable prices. It takes two to stereo! And quad? It still takes two: you and Audioland. Michigan's No. 1 Centers for Sound. North Woodward. 4725 Woodward at 14 Mile Rd. 576-1770 tíW. tuvpoiAMUf iU to $, Port Hurón. 314 Hurón St. right clowntown. 985-7191 Liyonia, 33919 Plymouth Rd. west of Farmington Rd. 525-6600Eastside. 36633 Gratíot 2 blocks south of 16 Mile. the Metro Parkway. 791-1400 ÑÓW open: Ann Arbof, Briarwood Malí. 761-6150