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Sentencing The 10th Precinct Conspirators

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We applaud the courage and firmness of Recorder's Court Judge Justin Ravitz in his imposition of stiff sentences on Detroit pólice and civilians convicted of heroin trafficking and obstruction of justice in the lOth Precinct, and in his imposing a lien for court costs upon the appeal bonds of those convicted. As Judge Ravitz pointed out, appeals courts less well-versed in the historie case should not be handed the opportunity to lightly overturn his decisions. We are fortúnate indeed that a judge of Ravitz' principie was on the bench for this long, difficult,and often explosive trial. It's difficult to measure the damage done to society by pólice and heroin dealers who work together in an unholy alliance to spread the plague of heroin which, as the Judge pointed out, is "sucking the blood of this community.' The Detroit Free Press does a great disservic to its readers by treating the unprecedented trial as 3 "grade B drama" and a nuisance to the defendants, the taxpayers, and their poor, bored reporters. While we entertain no illusions about the rehabilitative effects of prison on these, or any other, crimináis, it would be a farce to reward them with short sentences and low bond for the extremely cold-blooded and vicious activities of which they have been convicted. Perhaps Judge Ravitz' verdicts will serve as a notice to other local cops and their pusher friends that the day when they can ply their outrageous business with impunity is fast drawing to a close.