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Northville Anti-slavery Society

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We have rcceived the proceedings of tbs annual meeting of this society, which vrat held Jan. lSth, aud which have not been before published on account of the suspension of the Freeman. We publisb the sub. stance of the proceedings, togetber with the report of ihe managers. The meeting was addressed by JRev. Mr. Elliot of the Baptist Church, and Mr. Morrison of Pontiac. Thirty-five namea were added to the roll of members of the Society. The following were elected Officers for th present year: Wm. S. GREGORY, Preaidont. II. S. Bradley. Vice Presidont. S. P. Mead, Secreta ry. David Gregoky, Treasurer. Daiuus Boughton, i A. A. Gardnek, CouBSellor. Mica Adams, J The thanke of the meeting were presonted to the speakers. The Report of the Managers is as follows i Agreeably to the7ih article of the constitution of the Norihville Ami-Slavery 4 Society, the board of Managers report; that no funda have come into our hands as Managers - that no lectures or discussionshave been had by ourappointment. - The board have not been ca lied together, since the adopiion of this constitution, uutil a few days since, and then '.o make arrangp.menls for the present annual meeting. The board ma y have dinbred in their individual opinions as to the propriety of discussion during the past tkll, and tho sumrner scason pnssed away without a meeting. It is within the recolleclion of all, tliat a great and powerful excitement has pervaded notonly thissection ofcoun iry, but the whole United Slatcs: that this excitement has pervaded every mind, even alrnost to the exclusión of religión; and even Anti-Slavery men have not been, neither are they now, agreed as to their duty with regard to political aclion. Theso are some of the reasons why no lectures have been delivcred, The board have made arrangemeuts, and sent requests to Rev. J. Elliot, E. Dolittle, and M. Swift, to deliver addresses on this occasion. Elder J. Elliot has accepted the invitation; the others are expecied, but not with cer-rtainty. Ahhough we do not wish to make it a medium of pecuniary profit, we would recommend the taking up of a collec tion, as it is necessary that .some funds be raised to purchase a blank book, and for other incidental expenses. Perhaps a lecturer may cali upon us, and it may bo proper to pay hini something. The great question recently decided at our elections we hope will allay the great excitement we have lately passed through, and the peoplc will now commence rea" soning and discussing the great subjects in which we are interested ns Christian?, and as men, and not the least of our concerns ouglu to be the situation of the oppresscd and the institution of slavery.


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