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A Sign Of The Times

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-A neweralic paper has been established ai Ches ter, Pennsylvania, called the Loco Foco. It declares an intention of " warring against oppression under every name and form" and the editor shows he is in earnest in the matter, by condemning most unequivocally the systeru of American slavery. He also declares his intentiun not lo be under the governmeat of public opinión, hut expects te divulgo his seniiments as he picases. 0Í7"At a prayer meeting in Cincinnati, O. dn individual who had been made a subject oí' special prayer by a proflígate coinpanioi), threw a stoue at tke maro whu had prayed for him, as he passed out of ihé churcb. Tie síone struck the hiulor theRev. Kxng, a Bujibt Iergyman, who vis ut that lime ncr lite door, ir act u red his skull, and causea bii death in a few hours after. 07-It was stated in Boston, at the Con vention to discuss the Ministry and the Sabbath, that the average compensatioii of the entire clergy of New England did not exceed three hundred dollurs per an num. A large proporlion of them get only about two hundred dollars in cash.