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& M Dctf ort 't Radio Desert:ABXICJOMji' Wmmmn ÏZm UhB bÉbSbHI IfcT' -WP WW : Hu Uw In Dtot ■ nvn AlfCnnEilC f W1H1S ï rAüJ'J i ' 3y Brian Plnign , ' f ) vVj! BjJBjfcMMBajl ■ ; 'L-' ' jfl " : ti -.jrf ,'': flB ' ' BH r - " I 2 k'fcnr M d(Ñ ■ Mik ■ !■■■ Tk -''W.r UPIBBH 'I ■ WwJolTrjmin' K - .i."C ,jj y%fflO )■■■ al l luWnMn 4 ,.-ip '■" Uf- ■ ■ fc ' ' t "■ B I WZA ' ■!!,.. .,)W.f Siart: -wl V ' 1. 3 No. 1 7) Wow ywwy oö m7í (No. 1 8) ÍViaí í?e hassle over pólice resiTeamster empire with a little help Jency is all about . . . Bob Seger and Bruce n the Mob . . . Philip Agee an the CIA Springsteen:' which is the real B.S.? . . . ortugal . . . How the Motor City lost Jimmy Hoffa, the Teamsters, and the State adió soul . . . Talking with Stevie WonPólice . . . Spectrum music: a talk with Bill Hut ton 's History of America Maurice White of Earth, Wind & Fire . . . ?wes our official Bicentennial series. the return of Iffy the Dopester and the Coatpuller. Cpttkt Issut! titelt Ctvt in ,■ " intasw rnntmw wmetumf wwjj aiÜJM BB,ii:4Cfrji;ii í (No. 19) Who's behind metropolitan (No. 20) L Brooks Patterson, Oakland (No. 21) A comprehensive lookat the (No. 22) Alongside our continuing ingovernment and what it would mean for County 's "crusading" prosecutor, exposMotor City 's first.two years of black govdepth coverage of the lOth Precinct ConDetroit ... Ken Kelley interviews Mrs. ed... The Langston Hughes Theatre, ernment, including the first part ofa spiracy Trial, a hard look at the relation-í Hortensia Allende on the coup in Chile . . . Detroit playwright Ron Milner, and three-part exclusive interview with Mayor ships between pólice, heroin pushers, and Ann Arbor Mayor Al Wheeler's fight for "Season's Reasons" . . . The scandals beYoung . . . Assassination and conspiracy the media ... A rap with the Isley Brohuman services programs ... A preview hind Pontiac Stadium ... WA BX crosses experts assemble for a historie teach-in in thers . . . Stadium rock and its impact on of WGPR-TV, the country 's ftrst blackblack music off its playlist ... New jazz Ann Arbor ... How racism spoils the the local music business ... Some littleowned televisión station . . . Lowman's releases from the avant-garde ... Detroit 's curren t efforts to hype Detroit ... The known facts about the life of John J. Westside Club, the Showcase Theatre, war On MUD 's abandoned housing. the-scenes story of the concert buWhalen, who helped destroy the career of and Detroit 's musical renaissance. siness in the Big D. State Supreme Court Justice John B. - 1 . Swainson . . . The Ann Arbor rent strike jtf" iwr&t m'WwwJ W 9WC "" nVÍíffvn, r, ff UfJttJÊ J6êtÊtM Óf CÓaMÊÊMÊUt JE JC f j í , til j t t lf , 1 tt i t i t .111 .r i .-tIiÍ M wwg- - - % ' CiflU Wrlul {trOllgfll II (UI. p _ ?tHBÍ HHÜH PUS ï ■ ' SJL PLUS: TheSuns regular features-Iffy the Dopestcr's "Inside Dope"; "The jT LJr1"1 pEjfil I WIÜvJÍLl'I Coatpuller's" roundup of Kulchural happenings all over town; "'Hot Spots, " s 1T í iPfcSHow;!''V25t I Mli ' ."■[. ' . bringing you the breaking news nationwide and worldwide with a f USsLJ JL NW York CïtV%k I I V I f 1 mÈ wpnt Brok 7 L.nX.J CantheDmnoormtaMÊÊm est in records, films, books, art. and concerts; Bill Hutton's iWKr'" ni X ■■■Bi owAri'76? Ji BJ blowing "History of America" short subjects; and last, but far f SiSi fapQ f""l ■"- 1 had it with the dailies' lame news coverage, Q. Í '$#■! fcg t 4 Rictiam ustbi fDr.Kin white cultural outlook . and tired honky yp' -J I _ IJ away! tf T (No. 23) An exhausrive analysis of New (No. 24) Part i of our exclusive interview How can you lose? jr e York City's fiscal crisis and its ponent with UAW PjrLsidaitJeimard Woodcock & ' for Detroit and other major cities . . . n the progressivepomijilities in the J Ós A O ■ Withour interview with Jimmy Cliff. a Democratie Party in '76. .. The Kulchur f j' v s portrait of the Motor City's Caribbean staff picks its candidates for "New Stars " s X S y community . . . Hanky-panky in the state of '76" from the cream of local talent ... f C 0 budget, and how Wayne and th?ijo] M Richard Austin and the race for Michigan 's f s $ Kw" are feeling it . . . A report on the Bob soon-to-be-vacated Senate seat . . . The f $ Í- I Dylan "Rolling Thunder" revue. return of Kim Weston ... Beginning our f s é r l series on the coverups in the assassinations S x " v ' í vflfc of 'Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luthcr 4r y C0" S' v& King ... Gamble and Huff black JT a$' , aV 0 I musie's hottest producing team. f r -V y C #