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SlaughlerlMMiic ffive Wed. Jan. 14-Sat. Jan. 17 $1.75 Kurt Vonnegut's wacked-out science fiction time warp starring Michael Sacks and Valerie [LENNY] Perrine. M-rf.,-, -._ a. raat hm Mama Jan. 1617 midnight $1.75 Trigger-happy EIMot Gould in Jules Feiffers black comedy LITTLE MURDERS. [ggjfc . Procforci Bergman k Sun. & Mon. Jan. 1819 $2.50 pfc rsk Ff " II The fabu'ous Firesign Theatre two-some return to Ann ■ J . . m I Arbor for two nights of zany comedy and live skits. Don't ll ' 'ÊB vV"" 'M I m'ss 'nese 'nnovaors ' multi-dimensional comedy fc U ["havy mental music"] performing for the first time in 2 I l ÉPl vears in an intímate community theatre. Also appearing - tJk i Ann Arbor's own comedy team - THE PROFESSIONALS. f hc Oioowc Tube ul ga ' Matiin k Tues. Jan. 20 - Sun. 25 $1 .75 V MMÍ1 PÉ clichés with a healthy slant B $1.75 4Hk' on random sexuality and Hk Divine in 9LC Hoad?liow Cl wLl'ft Yak ihe Money Mon. & Tues. jan. 2627 $2.00 r lU&Bun Wed.Jan.28A theatre madness presentaI tj Tues. Feb. 3 $1.75 tion of improvisation, musiI ,. „ cal revue and the unexPP5J K& Woody Allen.ahasIheBagel pected. "It was bearable ' tiSJM Bö Bandit becomes the Number til they sang 'If I Had a Face I &■ R'l Pe „MosJ Wantd Man bV Like Yours l'd Shave My Ass I [jl The BoV Scouts of America. & Walk Backwards' " - KKJhQHI EuB ■ B Mairlx Mania jan. 3031 midnight $1.75 BV iW n"]i Kinkyerotic sci-fi comedy FLESH CORDON [NOT tobe 't'Ñf I WS'r con'used w"h Flash Gordon]. I i-i ! ÜBfe m A" shows 7 & 9:3 adults $1-75 childrensr. citizens