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Taste Of Turnips In Butter

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ING SWJiKTNESS TO TAINTED BuTTER. Mr Snow, - I have fed my cows ibr the last rpoötb, principally upon Turnips, and find ihat the flavor of ihe Botter, partakes much of the food of which 1 leed them. - How can this be remedied? Will some of your correspondents give an answer? Alao give me directions how to restore fainted Butter. R. L. Vearborn, Wayne Co. April 20. ANSWER BY THE EDITOR. In England, the milch cows und all other cattle, are wintered mostly on turnips, beets &c. In order to prevent the taste beitig affected by the difiereDi kinds of food on which a cow teeds, they adopt the following rocthod : Dissolve an ounce of nkre (salt petre) in a pint of pure water, and put a gilí into every fif'teeu gallotts of mille as bruught from ihe cows. - This will prevent aty bad flavor, and cause the miik and cream to keep weet a longer time, and the quantiiy of nitre is so small that it does not hurt the wholesomeaesa of the milk. Another mede i, to pnt into each pail of nuik, when fiesh drawn from the cows, one pint oí boiling water. The heat of the water dispels the odor of the turnips, which becomes volaüle as the temperature of the milch is increased. - Marshal t-tatcs, hot water is equully effectuul when thus appüed, in remuving the taste of wild onions and leeks. Another mode is given by Jonathan Den nis, who has a large dairy, at Portsmouih, It. I He says, "never allow the cow to taste of the roots wilhin ö or 8 hours of milking, but feed her immediately afler cach milking, and do not give her any more of the roots at the time than she will eat in 2 or 3 hours, and be carefu! that she does not get any more until afler she is milked again. By this method, cows can be fed on ruta baga or other turnips, and no person can discover the taste in milk or butter. He furthermore says, "upon the same principie, those who wis h to fatten cattle upon turnips, may do so without any dangcr ofaffectingthe taste of the beef, providing they omit feeding this kiud of food, twoorthree days previous to killing. David O. Shattuck, who went frum New England a pedlar, afterwards became a Methodist minister, and subsequently a judge, 3 nmv a eandidate fur Govcroor in th Staie of Miagiwipp.


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