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-It will beoilected tlmt this body of aboütionists, which assembled in London in June last, issued circulara to be presented to the Sov ereigns, Governors, &c. throughout the world. We have received by Mr. Joseph Sturges, Esq., replies from the embassadors and ministers from foreign courts, resident in London, to tbe nurnber of eighteen. They all (except the minister from Brazil)make a frank comprehensive reply, deprecating slavery and the slave trade, and assured the committee that ihey should loóse no lime in forwarding the document presented to their respective sovereigns,and believing that they would be willing to co-operate wilh hem, to put an end to slavery and the slave trade, throughout the world. The minister trom Brazil received thern courteously,. hut proceeded to state many ohjections to the abolition of Slavery in Brazil. From hisarguraents, did we not know to the contrary. we should think him an American. I; shows that slavery is the fame everv


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