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Today a good hi fi system is a necessity. Only a great one is a luxury. Talk to anyone who owns a good hi fi system and you'll be talking to a believer. Someone who'd give up the TV, the toothpaste, the morning oatmeal before giving up his hi fi. That's not just the guy with four walls and a mattress. That's just the way it is when you let the good vibes entertain you, life you, expand you. It beckons the imagination into visuals TV can never hope to achieve. It rocks the socks off of rockers, unfurls the brow of progressives, reveáis the soul of Brahms, Beethoven and Bach. Without it the movie theatre would die. With it, your money's buying a better slice of living. When to buy Hi Fi In general the people who buy hi fi fall into four categories. (1) Those who buy it just to have it. Like keeping up with, the Jones's. (2) Those who dig electronics, the why and wherefores, the mechanics, the tinkering, the dynamics of its advancement, the capability hi fi affords in the controlling great magnitudes of range, tonality and texture. (3) Those who like music, and (4) Those who are a combination of 3 and 1 and 3 and 2. The common denominator: liking music. But most of us will admit to liking music, at least a certain kind of music. You must like your music so much that you really want to experience it. You want it to fill your mind as if the music was being performed in your head. When that's your like of music, that's when to buy hi fi. There's no need to wait for sales or what you think is a right price. At shops like Audioland, the price is always right. When not to buy it? When you just want a nice piece of furniture that filis in with background music. How to buy If you're just getting into hi fi, this may be the first major leisure purchase of your life. Be thorough. Talk to the right people. Don't get ripped off. Understand going in that there isn't much difference in prices of relative products from one store to another. Think twice about offerings of discount, because in hi fi the price a dealer sells for is the price, the going price. Any higher price from which a discount is claimed is dreamed-up phoney balony. It doesn't exist. Also realize this: Great sound can take you over like everlasting Spring fever. Liking it turns to loving it. So maybe you should buy to allow for upgrading your system. Figure how much you want to spend now and deal with someone who has the necessary equipment selection and desire to satisfy your wants. . ' What to buy ' A component system generally consists of a pair of speakers (four for quad), a receiver, and a turntable with a stereo cartridge. What you buy should depend on how much you want to spend on the whole system and the sound you'd like to get for your money. The worst you can do is to end up with a mismatched system. Better to start with a dealer franchised to sell a great variety of quality components such as Audioland. Below are some of the brand names we carry: The speaker is the thing The component that makes the biggest difference in the sound is the loudspeaker. It also makes a difference in how much you spend for your system. How many times have people been dissatisfied with the sound of their system, because they didn't consider the speakers first! After the fact, they come in to Audioland for help only to find that the sound they really want is from speakers requiring more power than their electronics can deliver. It happens time and time again. And the reverse is true, too: Getting the sound you want but paying for electronics that are far more powerful and expensive than the speakers can ever use. Speakers must be compared, two at a time, never three, because hearing has no memory. Listen in a sound room to the speakers first and you're sure to get your money's worth in an entire system. One speaker you won't want to miss is Infïnity. fnfinity speakers are made in California. The first speaker built by Infinity was the Servostatic 1 and cost $2000. Fantastic, wonderful speaker. But $2000? Please Infinity put your genius into something affordable, we pleaded. And they did. Now they offer speakers from $ 1 00 to $450 as well as a new Servostatic IA. In every price range, a super 7 gj speaker for the money. An exceptional value: flflO I The New Infinity 3000J. A very high efficiency, 12" 3-way system, it requires relatively small amp WrlmSii Á power, but will also handle ==J " s I 125 watts RMS with no problem. Bill Bendier, unknown author, poet, radio, TV and screen personality and friend of Audioland describes the hi fi experience: "Think of the universe. From earth all the heavens appear as a continuous splattering of stars within touching distance of each other. Low fidelity music reproduction masses notes and instrumental qualities in the same non-spacial manner. The music, like the stars, is "out there" removed with no movement between you and it. Hi fidelity, however, as an astronaut hurtling at the speed of thought, places you among the notes and beats and your awareness of distance between them is something like feeling free. J Electronics Akai, Ampzilla, Burwin, Pioneer, Marantz, Sony, Sansui, Kenwood, Sherwood, Spectro Accoustics, Phase Linier, Meteor, Crown, Concord, Infinity, Sound Craftsman, Accuphase, DBX, JVC, Superscope, Dynasco, BSR, Sequarra, and others. Speakers Akai, Pioneer, Marantz, Sony, Meteor, Infinity, Superscope, RTR, Micro Accoustics, Accoustiphase, BIC Venturi, Fisher, Crown, Design Accoustic, EPI, Ultralinier, Genesis, Utah, CTS, Tannoy, KLH, Electrovoice, Dynaco, and others. Turn tables Garrard, Dual, BIC, Tannoy, Sony, Pioneer, Marantz, Kenwood, Sansui, BSR, Lenco, Stanton, Miracord, Thorens, and others. Tape decks Teac, Dokorder, Revos, Crown, Tanberg, Sansui, JVC, Kenwood, Pioneer, Marantz, Sony, Tascam, Akai, and others. Cartridges - Over 100 different kinds Car Stereo and tape units-A wide selection in all price ranges. exclusive or semi-exclusive ' What's best? " How can there be agreement on what's best, when what's best is that which is right for you? All manufacturers are trying to build the best- for the money. You have to judge the compromises, the cost, and with a little help from a friend (Audioland, we hope) you'll have the best. Accuphase electronics, for instance. Stereo Review and other hi fi publications rate Accuphase tops. It not only looks and feels like pure "state of the art," but it outperforms most test equipment. We can find no corners cut and you know it because of a 5-year unconditional guarantee. Expensive but . extraordinary. ' $300, $3000 or somewhere N in between? What price to pay usually depends on how much one can afford. But even if you were King Midas himself there's no point spending more than it takes to satisfy yourself. Toward this end, manufacturers have been progressing at a fast pace building good sound into lower priced components. Up until a couple of years ago, it took $800 to match a good system. Under that, musical parameters weren't perfect. Today, a good system can cost a lot less- even at $300, the system on the opposite page is not bad, not bad at all. There are significant improvements in the better systems between $550 and $900, such as increased power handling capacity and spatial relations. Just remember- whether your bracket is around $300 or $3000, you'll get your money's worth for every dollar you spend at Audioland. CB - Alivc and well You might say, the country's gone CB crazy. In December of '75 alone, over 400,000 people applied for CB Citizen's Band radio operators licenses. And that number can't be half of the actual number who bought CB units for their cars and homes! If you're next, you might want to know that Audioland has sold and serviced CB rigs for lOyears. And at the Detroit Hi Fi Show you'll find the largest display of CB equipment ever assembled for public consideration. Mercy. Mercy. Audioland's got the goods, ready to go. Up. Up. And away. V s IT TAKES TWO TO STEREO You and Audioland V __y Audioland Matched Detroit Hi Fi Show System Specials A matched system is the key to a good valué. In arriving at the three matched systems here, each Hfl _._ component was included for its relative values and reliability records. All things considered, it is fe likely one of these will lie in your price range and turn it on for you. You'll only know if you listen. ibbp i i $qOQ n $1000 Kenwood KR 1400 Stereo Receiver. Selected Kenwood 3400 Stereo Receiver. This is the Pioneer SX838 Stereo Receiver. A true for its outstanding FM performance and "best buy" receiver. Not only does it offer power house receiver. Some of the best FM reliability and it's a few dollars less than other features and power of higher priced models, it' performances we've seen in a receiver. receivers with like capability. looks great. Garrard 440M Automatic Changer. This is a BIC 940 Belt-driven Changer. Our largest-selling BIC 940 Belt-driven Changer. No wonder it's new economy model from the British. Manual record piaying device. Outstanding and includes our largest selling changer. It goes with anything or automatic cychng. Includes base, cover, base cover AT125 cartridge. to do everything a great changer should. Shure cartridge. Accoustiphase Micro Speakers. You may not Infinity 3000J Speakers. An exceptional value. Infinity Columns. At Audioland, we believe have heard of this speaker yet, but you will. A very high efficiency 1 2" 3-way system these to be the very best speaker for most There is no other speaker near its price that requiring small amp power, but will also handle people. Not usually found in a system of this comes close to its performance. 125 watts RMS with no problem. price, a bargain indeed. , S What's an Audioland? It's a place that's in many places. It's a one, on Gratiot near the Metro Parkway 11 belief that for you to get the tnost for and now is six going on seven. Audioland your hi fi money, you must have service is employees most of whom came into Bka3M B% X (! and a vast product selection. It's a Audioland as customers. Audioland is Jij concern that you will never pay more hi fi, home or car, stereo or quad, CB ■ Uk itCV L' than the lowest going price. It's knowing radios, PA systems, and music. Which C "JM that anything less than quality or product brings us back to where we began. Ifyou wL M. 0m is that much less satisfaction for you. really like music, isn't it time you looked m" MSS P Audioland is a hi fi shop that began as into hi fi at Audioland? fl m B I cwdiolonJ] h 1 Uil V ' I North Woodward: 4725 Woodward at 14 Mile. 576-1770 Ann Arbor: Briarwood Mali. 761-6150 '. '40. Port Huron: 314 Huron Si., downtown 985-7191 Livonia: 33919 Plymouth Rd. west of Farmington Rd. ? biJJl_uji Ê Eastside: 36633 Gratiot south of 16 Mile. 791-1400 V Northwest: 8 Mile Rd. at Grand River tátA . Jt jfl