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r i When you record ordinary things, use an ] r I ■ ordnary But when you record music, W record on the musk tape . AS yièlm SUPER QUALITY... SUPER DEAL Sound Gatherer...Music Gi ver. T" 90 Minute Recording Cassette J% Ey . tu t ti r ''''yTB Bk tW third one FREEDual 1226 169.95 103.88 TOotTererX!' MB-" 'No limil per custoroer while the Dual 1228 199.95 128.88 Ttere no hm C"e Ihe supply W supply bs.s hurry ,,, .odoy' Dual 1249 279.95 181.88 losts 50 hurry in Now' X 'Also special Bonus offer on umque Come in for our special prices on Base-Cover I - X cossette storoge system Cartridge Packages Fl t? O W1 WM XN. audio-technica I specif.cations i Ati3e i atitt B M B-H mT f Tracking Force (grams) k-P M H jH_ M k. I A I Frequency Response (Hz) 10-45,000 15-28.000 I l ) ' 2x7 .4x7 ƒ ,, _te=J P'ata Stylus Tip (mils) Nude elliplical elliptical -8-inch woofer SPEAKER tfT small-diameter -2-inch tweeter CAIP Dual-Maqnet MËÏ I m StylüsTube cylindrical cylindrical -Sculptured grille SALE a' '"nel flB J HL Output at 5 cmsec (mV) 3,5 4.8 -Dimensions-21" H X 11 i2 w X 9" D 2 for 1 riionograpn M BJBBl .Bf Channel Separation (at 1 kHz) 25 20 Cartrjdges lM HUfli Channel Balance idBi 20 2ö HL Vertical Tracking Angle 15 fs Reg. $69.95 ea ÉJl _f jij P í 'iJH H Stylus Guard Flip-Guard Slip-On Limited Supply lfiS W Stylus AssemblyColor Orange Green Bj m rjÊ ■■ m 1 aJ 11 III L 2 fOr Wl f l Hi-Fi Show Prices S2788Si888 S69 95 i i ';=: ■ " I L : Jvl I J ZlJIIC HarmanKardon High Performance Speaker Systems IIVi Irl ■t - Rea Ufl ■■ ■ __ - S60.00 AA8R rTTin STERE0 n ïsr-iSS.88 (nu n.unni CARTRIDGE ea fe?? rN SALE WÊÏÊ II you re thinking about buying a I ft . B? I J L _ - B S loudspeaker. think about this I L ..j C4Q mJL HK 40 Series B B Bring your own music A tavorite IBLiH' rtS ' 1 1 I ■ B I JWm M D Bf record or tape-somethmg you know I ;YB "■ ' J' ■)■ I T """ The new HK 40 Series B speaker "B Wf Xh?oa?eiHhTdreanTekStSeTner %i-'" EË9 J ] system is perhaps the most linear HK 20T speakers Ifyou've been leterong in ' dwnood'' oanwinortn- two-way system ever designed. Wackand white, you-ll know .twhen JBl, „ 26 o, J8l m, m Neither sweet or deep-throated it has The Hk 20 remains one of the most you inear lecnmcoior h i ., iodHokr n on. oi . bi none of the characteristics which, in widely purchased speaker svstems areSeS ts'öl MeWy STTÜÏÏirSïr wT'6 'n9 i"3"9 cartride is fulV competitive systems. intrude on the and for good reason. Modestly priced. sound Neither has any really high o.. ,i nd. ..p,,. snielded. With tour poles, four coils and three music by adding qualities of their this bookshelf system compares highs or low lows They re clipped off magneU (more than any other brand), they own. The sound it delivers can best favorablv with manv larae and morp bomsdunngmebroadcasting produce better balance and hum rejection. l„ be described as -natural." I, is a .xp.launteZí'oñ S. mar, Here-ssomethingelselothink Mk fl W M Empire s system, the stylus lever floats free of I superb system for classical or When you listen to the dramaiically about Maior recordmg studios like L ■ IW aLm s magnets imposing much less weight on the contemporary music. The HK 40 realistic performance of the HK 20 Warner Brothers. Elektra. MGM. and m 1(1 record surface than in ordinary magnetic includes two uniquely constructed you'll be amazed bv the bia soacio'us XXrr W ■W%#B :dd9iorThoBTnpSlrreHMdVVearand dr,versmOuned,nabeautifu„y Lund The perctly smooth highs Youknowwhy? " _ lower distortion. Hi Fi Sound Magazine summed finished. rugged air suspension and the full clean bass Now you re thinking ,1 ;t"P verywell by calling the Empire Cartridge cabinet. The 10" woofer incorporates The HK 20 'is designed with the Ei cach WMÊiMËF ËiE WêsÊèl ' ■ O A