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That Detroit Feeling Disco

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The Detroit Feeling: a new dance created for the Hi-Fi Show by the Jack Barnes Dance Studio. The dance will be demons tra ted in the Audioland WDRQ Disco Room at 7pm Friday, 7pm Saturday and 3pm Sunday. At those times there will be a dance contest, with a grand prize of $1,000 for the finalist s. 1. Stand with feet together - flex knees 4 times. 2. Move left - feet apart - flex 4 times continued. 3. Close right to left on last count. 4. Turn % to the left. Step in place 4 times. 5. Kick right in front - cross right behind - then right left close in original direction. Disco photos by Leni Sinclair were taken at "The Scène" on Channel 62, WGPR-TV.