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k % L S' ! Plot "Begional" Empire g Wftti CWH j êry lllpniEl aU-ll Slr k ÈÉlÊÊÊf (Vol.3NoA9)Who'sbehindmetropolitan (fio. 20) L Brooks Patterson, Oakland kjM' 43 . W'Y f government and what it would mean for County's "crusading" prosecutor, exposÉF L% N. S 'v-' K J Detroit . . . Ken Kelley interviews Mrs. ed . . . The Langston Hughes Theatre, %g -T3f xv S V 'v' Hortensia Allende on the coup in Chile ... Detroit playwright Ron Milner, and % 9 m L V f v Ann Arbor Mayor Al Wheeler's fight for "Season's Reasons" ... The scandak be9m % " = V' i f human services programs ... A preview hind Pontiac Stadium ... WA BX crosses P J , Aal of WGPR-TV, the country 's first black music off its playlist ... New jazz n s owned televisión station ... Lowman's releases from the avant-garde ... Detroit 's PF y f Westside Club, and the Showcase Theatre. war on HUD's abandoned housing. JJU . =: 2 . . . . __ f% M Issue! Ihtk Cwt. in the Motor City tmustvi mrimnew mm coutuut toomij uJJMtmmjme wm (No. 21 ) l comprehensive look at the (No. 22) Alongside our continuing in(No. 23) !; exhaustive analysis of New (No. 24) frrr ƒ or exclusive interview Motor City 's first two years of black govdepth coverage of the 1 Oth Precinct ConYork City 's fiscal crisis and its portent with VA W President Leonard Woodcock ernment, including the first part of a spiracy Trial, a hard look at the relationfor Detroit and other major cities . . . on the progressivc possibilities in the three-part exclusive interview with Mayor ships between pólice, heroin pushers, and With our interview with Jimmy Cliff, a Democratie Party in '76 . . . The Kulchur Young... Assassination and conspiracy the media ... A rap with the Isley Broportrait of the Motor City's Caribbean staff picksits candidates for "New Stars experts assemble for a historie teach-in in thers . . . Stadium rock and its impact on community . . . Hanky-panky in the state of '76" from the cream oj local talent . . . Ann Arbor . . . How racism spoils the the local music business . budget, and how Wayne and the U of M The return of Kim Weston . . . Gamble curren t efforts to hype Detroit . are feeling it . . . A report on the Bob and Huf f black music' s hottest Dylan "Rolling Thunder " revue. producing team. -1 AHCOLfí.AH inWIWlSS R(POXT. f.6-7 fei WHO RAIUHE SI. A.? 'vístate of theoty H rZÍÜríi ■Bill IV" - Ja HmjAWP WUW fT OCff TnMM Wmr m-JÊSBW "■ ■" ■"-- "rt i-rrnfifin" ? I ftS IttowBwía rlÉÍÍ" Ühhmm B ■IKRKBClD UÜC5 Viliy lile IVCSl I ■ ■ - HHThrauitheMotions Wants África Back fg 'T (Vol. 4, No. 1) A special repon on the (No. 2) The Mayor 's State of the City SLA and the govemment agencies beaddress. . . Interview with investigative hind it. . . Incompetence in the lOth reporter Howard Kohn. . . Godfather Previne t prosecution. . . Farewell to producer Coppola 's observations on Hound Dog Taylor. . . Michigan 's reCuba 's culture. . . Ex-Lions star Dick cording studio in the woods. "Night Train " Lane is back. Coatpuller V' roundup of Kulchural happenings all over town; "Hot Spots," bringing you the breaking news nationwide and worldwide with a f straight-ahead perspecfive; "Vortex," our critics' choke of the f - est in records, films, books, art, and concerts; Bill Hutton's f p blowing "History of America" short subjects; and last, but far fJ" pÖ' from least, Michigan 's most unique and exciting Calendar S,g ' of Kulchural events. i ■$. 4? ' Can you afford to miss another issue? If you've 4? ' L - had it with the dailies' lame news coverage, all ' ixf" white cultural outlook, and tired per & spective, the SUN is what you've been h $" I waiting for. Get in on the ground floor j " n,'1 and start picking up on our probing T a o s news analysis, challenging eP i s tigative reportage, and A" y s ing Kulchur coverage right J 4" j)? tJ' ■ a,y! gf . Jf "" & y jP&Z ! v v V+Vvl WIN APOUNDOFCOLOMBIANISeethebackcoverof this , O A' , t v9 ■jf issue of now on sale all over town. f s c& ' P i& y y y i ■■■■■BMlHHBr.Ai ■■ ■■ ■■ wm m m wm ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ mm av m ■■ ma wam ■■ iM 1B ■■