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% IF YOU WANT GR E AT EQUIPMENT mmmmmmmm Here's a Quality System to MBPWi ifïïmn iKI HPM-40 SPEAKERS 40 WATTS BASS1 bSéÉ REFLEX 3-WAY SPEAKER SYSTEM WITH 10 INCH CARBON-FIBER BLEND CONE WOOFER, TWEETER, AND HIGH P POLYMERSUPERTWEETER Ê A new introduction to the fine line of Pioneer sound reproducers. The HPM-40's offer the new technology of a high polymer tweeter and the recently developed carbon M fiber woofer. This ported tliree way system _# with removable grill will make your listening 00. enjoyable & beautiful at the same time. These speakers really deserve a listen. SE-500 HIGH-POLYMER STEREO HEADPHONES [W n ü ■ The SE-500 high-polymer, Jightweight headphones were designed jfiSvl ."i to reproduce the natural sound of the original performance, even II fSklm f fHppggíil'] with the strongest signal. A special film element in each earpiece fÍlilÍli _ - SS expands and contracts in unisón with audio signáis. This tésüwüsIJWlI l jUGbÏ '"'!1' exclusive Pioneer feature. Tonal response compares to much more lllla''?f myMsö m expensive electrostatic headphones, without the need for a fe iB jjf jnTJKÖ matching transformer or high polarizing voltages. Also includes v@L) %P # ï r m M95ED DELUXE HIGH TRACKABILITY CARTRIDGE wLgaW fffr A very special plus in this system is Shure's latest edition to the premier family of high ' fidelity cartridges, second only to the V-15 III. Optional stylus available for 78's. 1' These flD pioneer Dealers aucliolcind North Woodward-4725 Woodward at 14 Mile-576-1770 Port Huron-314 Huron St.-985-7191 Eastside-36633 Gratiot at 16 Mile791-1400 Ann Arbor-Briarwood Mall-761-6150 Northwest-8 Mile at Grand River Livonia-33949 Plymouth Rd. West of k Farmington Rd. TLJC i nt GOOD HOUSEKEEPING 10610 Telegraph Rd.Taylor-291-8800 22155 Michigan Ave.-Dearborn-561-7766 Wonderland Center-Plymouth and Li wonia-G A7-421 2 r Lafayette RADIO fieCTDOMCS ' ASSOOATt SIOWS Downtown-1 326 Broaclway-961-2955 Birmingham-377 Hamilton-644-0345 üvonia-33760 Plymouth-261-0600 Sterling-34208 Van Dyke-268-8550 Oak Park-10721 W. 10 Mile-547-8181 Trenton-3460 West Road-675-7900 Farmington-29400 Orchard Lk. Rd.626-4595 Ann Arbor-3430 Washtenaw-97 1-5420 Grand Rapids-3142 28th St. SE-949-8590 Kalama2oo-214 N. Rose St.-381-5162 - sound ' advice 478-1030 farmington 35235 grand the drakeshire plaza MUSIC, GET GR E AT - di) Pioixieenr Satisf y Your Audio Needs !)PIOIILLR PL-115D AUTO-RETURN MECHANISM TURNTABLEWITH PRECISIÓN 4-POLE Híta SYNCHRONOUS MOTOR tefc_ Pioneer's PL-1 15D is a precisión turntable for the - k audiophile who seeks key automatic functions ta "- - H along with outstanding tonal quality. Durable, l i """'"-- "- quiet, crafted with long-lasting Pioneer workman]ÉÉ . ship, the PL-1 15D features a speed-detecting , auto-return mechanism that returns the t-onearm A ■hag'wl to rest smoothly, cueing device, and a sensitive : J Éb 'JLm ''-1 S-shaped pipe-arm with an anti-skating device. il Ijl jÁ The belt-drive system employed in the PL-1 15D .YVl fJi M && used a 4-pole synchronous motor the quiet, w v ffm W W vibrationless type- and delivers wow and fluiter ííV &ém w 4 w of 0.07%(WRMS) and signal-to-noise ratio of íta tfOSJI W W L 1 BI SX-535 AM FM STEREO RECEIVERttHBfiS í-í-l UNIQUE RECORDING VERSATILITY ■S fcTTÍl AND PLENTY OF PURE POWER MAKI a TT"S ■■ V THIS A SUPER RECEIVER :--r__J____.. ( &O&" S Pioneer's SX-535 has a Phase-Lock-Loop ====:==: W circuit for increased channel separation & ========------i-_______ ÏW lower FM distortion, and a direct-coupled =============:__. amplifier output stage to give you more power over a wider range of frequenties. There are connections for two tape decks with switching to permit tape-to-tape duplication. Among the many features are: microphone and headphone jacks, switching for two pairs of speakers, FM muting, loudness control, separate signal strength and center-of-channel meters. SN 70dB, FM sensitivity 1 .9V (IHF). Capture ratio 1 .OdB. Continuous power output 20 watts per channel minimum RMS at 8 ohms load from 40 to 20,000 Hz with no more than 0.8% total harmonie distortion. z Aj JO lt POF Iv)L MODELSMAY VARY BETWEEN DEALERS I TEAM ELECTRONICS Northland 356-41 76 Eastland Center-527-0430 SUNRISE ■ SOUND Corner of East Longlake Rd. at Livernois in Sunset Plaza-Troy 879-2420 STEREO CITY 14469 Gratiot at 7 Mile-Detroit -521 -7580 2101 Ford St. at Northline-Wyandotte282-2500 Home and Car Stereo CB Radios Installation Centers WORLD ; CAMERA AND SOUND 1580 S. Woodward-Birmingham-642-1985 I 35555 Rymouth Rd.-Livona-525-4110