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Wouw good leaiom why were Michigan'! Numbei One ipeaker shop I MBy Douglass Sound knows a hifi system can only sound as good as its speakers - that's why we specialize in speakers! No matter how much you aniiBBBaB'lt spend on amplifiers and program sources, you're missing out on the magie of music, unless you're listening to accurate speakers. Dollar-forM dollar, Douglass Sound sells the most accurate speakers in all price ranges. We're the first store in Michigan to discover and market highfl II; 't performance speakers by Dahlquist, Audioanalyst, Epicure and ADS. So, if you're ready to hear how good audio equipment can sound visit Douglass Sound Shops in Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids or Ann Arbor. By the way, we also specialize in phono cartridges (the 2nd most important component, sound-wise). Come in and audition cartridges by Sonus (designed by the ADC XLM creator), Stanton (the broadcast industry 11 Standard), Shure (U.S. No. 1 seller), Audio Technica (U. S. No. 2 seller!), Supex, Ortofon and more. . ■til IPÍRuS [yWloanalijSt) EPICURE i ADS (Analog & Digital Systems) The U. S. licensee AUDIOANALYST With one of the most thorough EPICURE The company that brought out the DAHLQUIST The Dahlquist 10 Phased Array of famous Germán Braun components. ADS features Quality Control departments in the business, acclaimed, best-buy EPI 100 has introduced the 5-way speaker system continúes to be the "maximum "invisible", un-colored, studio-monitor quality sound Audioanalyst bench-tests each and every woofer 100's successor, the EPICURE TEN. With new-design performance per dollar" speaker. The DQ-10's reproduction. All ADS speakers, from the S96 L 400 and tweeter. Then, after the drivers are installed tweeter and woofer, the EPICURE TEN delivers a amazing spaciousness, clarity and musicality keep to the tri-amped LV 1020 utilize the same remarkable in the cabinets, Ihe entire speaker is tested. Audio midrange definition never before possible with a these speakers at the top of many audiophile's lists. Braun dome tweeter, with its wide frequency response, analyst speakers rate "superb" in live-versus recorded twoway system. EPICURE's new MODEL FIVE NOTE: The ST-10 stands are now available for 'ow distortion and high transient response. tests. Their tight bass, excellent dispersión and low is one of the best sounding speakers ever available the DQ 10. ID4&l'flLC9JI35T distortion make these speakers "best-buys" for under S80. MP IOUNDING SPECIAL ELECinONICI m 4fc#CE (W(Y-M See the Lux and Audioanalyst exhibits at this iMlifl week s Detroit Hifi Show. Here s vhal the February 1975 Stereo Review says about Sherwoods I HnJhH S 7110 stereo receiver E TXvl pteM phaMMaaWJV "We were padicularly mpressed by the FM tuner performance which in I Kl-.t BBJBt L -, v many ways rivaled that of some component tuners stlling tor moro than this I ■TWK'i IK iiBÈTJB " ' entire ractiver. Ihis is as line a receiver as on could wish lor quite an H fc' ,- , % % E O II __ 1 achievement not only low priced by lodays standrds, but on would "B BÍM9 [-1 1 I'X inlfcwif im-tfcii] iel B Br lïfJ CrOULJll BBL ■ have Been considerad low priced even lour ot live years go " LB H'r'j) lL_J uw'w.'v'sioi ■'.' W LB OBBSSSMW Douglass Sound puts together sound systems in all jém WsA Luxman components are the first to be engineered Crown is synonomous with quality and dependability. price ranges. This system ,s one of the best dollarW II fcfc for ultímate somc reahsm as well as state-ofthe art Long a trusted supplier of electronics and tape decks for-dollar performers weVe ever sold With the ÉaMP WjtSw specifications. Prestigious design, rugoed reliability. to industrial contractors, Crown is now well known accuracy and neutrality of the efficiënt ADS L-400 Sl SíaRr and lon9term mvestment equity are reasons why to hifi enthusiasts who recognize superior craftsman speakers the solid performance of the Sherwood "lJ Wjf Luxman electronics and turntables are the most ship. Douglass Sound is a Class A Crown Warranty S-711Oreceiver(17WRMSch)andtheflexibility exciting new producís in the audio market. Repair Station, of the BIC 940 changer, this system matches others selling for S250 more. aaMWa- aBME fi BIC940w;mag. cart S195 pBH I _ 4 KALAMAZOO: 224 W. Michigan Ave. 382-3710 Sherwoori 7110 250 BbJwIHMBPJW OwVvClIwO GRAND RAPI DS: 3130 28 St. S.E. 949-9040 ADSL 400 (pr.) 19? I I I I '-pSSWi V JIM 11 jK'm (across from the Woodland Mali) Reg. Price S637 OOUllO ANN ARBOR: 331 S. Fourth Ave. 761-4434