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Here's our story - Multiple play manual turntables are a --jéfL RL -Tíkr new concept pioneered by B-l-C. sájíá -tigk fcS -# They are belt-drive turntables jgÉjPfl IHPfi'S fel which provide six different ,B nfl HfeKfeiSRR {▼! 'Ife combinations of manual or Pri r étmrm automaticoperationslThey ■ SBp SkH WFL BáÉ are the first turntables 'M Wjék '-- which make it possiblefor lb5 mËL mk W amazeof mechanical linkages 1 6 mm wSL " to beengineered outof the system, i; öl ftL È w simplifying it and resulting in better "H ■ufl Ép performance, greater reliability, and longerlife. fpr In short, they are the most advanced "%■ j instruments of their kind. Seeyour local #Jjíl Wjr 1 B'l-G dealer for a demonstration today. Belt Drive... i r as used only on the B'l-C Model 980 (top) 300 RPM, 24 pole motor, j r finest manuals plus solid state electronic drive for Épff'fe. P 24 pole 300 RPM motor 3% pitch variations. built-in lighted # r on all three models. strobe, adjustable rate cueing, unique 0m mNIJI ■fevi' ,-r-- _- - programming system, gimbal mounted H PL ifii?êS tonearm,4pin cartridge connector, 9 CgST"'' w 15 adjustable stylus angle. B Bïi W & $199.95 (less base & dust cover) í ÍJlC r ÊeQ B-l-C Model 960 (bottom left) Same as 1 r j fehr 980 without speed control and strobe. JËm rCTtf_ $159.95 (less base & dust cover) % y ji PnËfeiL B-l-C Model 940 (bottom right) Same basic MR 1 performance features as 960, 980, with some differences in trim and refinements. J r $109.95 (less base & cover) B r Catch up with us at these Dealers: ■■■■■■■dMB (T) Stands for B-l-C Turntable dealers. (V) Stands for B-l-C VENTURI dealers. DETROIT Tech Hi Fi (T) Lafayette Electronics (V,T) Fretter Appliance (V,T) Stereoland (V,T) Adray's Sound Center (V,T) 430 N. Telegraph 34208VanDyke 411 W 14 Mile Rd. 139S.Main 20219 Carlysle Dearborn Sterling Heights Troy Rochester Dearborn Tech Hi Fi (T) Pointe Electronics (T) Lafayette Electronics (V.T) Team Electronics (V,T) Audioland (VT) 14615 W. 8 Mile 19755 Mack Ave 10721 W. 10 Mile Northland Shopping Center 8 Mile & Grand River Detroit Grosse Pte. Woods Oak Park Southfield Detroit - Royal Radio (V,T) Highland Appliance (V,T) Tech Hi Fi (T) Fretter Appliance (V,T) 612No.Main 1-75 at 14 Mile Road 125 Main St. 22851 Michigan Ave. Audioland (V,T) Royal Oak Oakland Mali Rochester Dearborn JM Gratiot Stereoland (V,T) . Highland Appliance (V.T) Tsch Hi Fi (T) Good Housekeeping oiemens 20746 Mack 2235 Elizabeth Lake Road 4526 N. Woodward Shops (V,T) Audioland (V.T) Grosse Pte. Woods . Pontiac Royal Oak 22155 Michigan Ave. pil"!1!8'' Stereoland (V,T) Highland Appliance (V.T) World Camera and Sound (T) Dearborn fort Muron 85 McComb 23361 Telegraph 1580 S. Woodward Heathkit Electronics (T) Audio Tech (T) Mt. Clemens Southfield Birmingham . 18645 W. Eight Mile 273 Hoover Team Eeclronics (v T) Lafayette Electronics (V,T) -- Detroit warren Eastland Shopping Center 377Hamilton WEST Highland Appliance (V.T) Fretter Appliance (V.T) Harper Woods Birmingham Audioland (V,T) 22411 Michigan Ave. ?Í91_3. Grat'' Tech Hi Fi (T) LA. Sound Studio (V,T) 33919 Plymouth Rd. Dearborn Mt. Clemens 20715 Kelly Road 1037 S. Main St. Livonia Highland Appliance (V T) Heathkit Electronics (T) East Detroit Royal Oak Fretter Appliance (V,T) 13847 Woodward 18149 E Eight Mile Tech Hi Fi (T) New Center Electronics (T) 35901 Schoolcraft Detroit tas' Detroit 35927 Gratiot Miracle Mile Shopping Center Livonia Highland Appliance (V T) Highland Appliance (V,T) Mt. Clemens Bloomfield Hills Lafayette Electronics (V,T) 5301 Grand River j71 ? Grat.ot Bill Petrusha and Sons (V.T) 29400 Orchard Lake Road Oetroit Mt Clemens NORTH 7J s Teegraph Road Farmington Lafayette Electronics (V T) Highland Appliance (V.T) Advance Electronics (V.T) Pontiac Lafayette Electronics (V,T) 1326Broadway 13011 E. Eight Mile 26750 W Eight Mile RSE Electronics (T) 33760 Plymouth Road Detroit Warren Southfield 1203 W. 14 Mile Livonia Stereo City (V T) Korvette-Roseville (V,T) Audioland (V,T) Clawson Shamrock Electronics (V,T) 14469 Gratiot' . Gratiot and 12 Mile 4725 Woodward and 14 Mile Sunrise Sounds (V T) 5864 N. Sheldon Detroit Roseville Royal Oak Sunset Plaza ' Plymouth Stereoland (V.T) L A S0" Studio (V.T) Fretter Appliance (V.T) Troy Stereoland (V.T) 17113 W.McNichols 12MileandDequindre Telegraph at 12 Mile Stereoland (V T) 33111 Plymouth Road Detroit Warren Southfield 3244 Orchard Lake Road Livonia Orchard Lake Hl case you missed us at the show! About BIC VENTURI " mm Speaker Systems fiS gi In the short time that B'I'C VENTURI speakers have been available to the public, they have earned an unprecedented reputation for reproducing accurate, life-like sound. Based on an exclusive physics principie (U.S. pat. #3,892,288) and coupled with some . of the most advanced engineering ever ''f I concentrated on a speaker system. B-I'C VENTURI speakers represent the ultímate in the state of the art. This, plus their remarkably high efficiency and power handling capability, make it possible to finally achievethe widedynamic range of music not b, previously available to the enthusiast. . 1 ' ■ ■■ ■■ B-l-C VENTURI speaker systems are unique. Decide foryourself and hear a demonstration today! Formula 1 Formula 2 Formula 4 Formula 6 , ■ - - - - - - - - World Camera and Sound (T) Tech Hi Fl (T) 35555 Plymouth Road 12755 Eureka Livonia Southgate DOWN RIVER ANN ARBOR Brothers Stereo Center (V,T) Ann Arbor Music Mart (V,T) 12436 Fort 336 S. State Southgate Ann Arbor Fretter Appliance (V,T) Audioland (V,T) 15010 Fort St. Briarwood Mali Southgate Ann Arbor Good Housekeeplng Shops (V,T) Douglas Sound (V,T) 10610 S. Telegraph 331 S. Fourth Ave. Taylor Ann Arbor Highland Appliance (V,T) Fretter Appliance (V,T) 1461 5 Eureka 3999 Washtenaw Southgate Ann Arbor Korvette-Southgate (V,T) Hi-Fi Buys (T) Fort and Pennsylvania 618 S. Main St. Southgate Ann Arbor lafayette Electronics (V,T) Highland Appliance (V,T) 3460 West Road 3550 Washtenaw Trenton Ann Arbor Mister Music (V,T) Lafayette Electronics (V,T) 1 6083 West Road 3430 Washtenaw Trenton Ann Arbor Mister Music (V,T) Mister Music (V,T) 3873 Fort St Briarwood Mali Wayandotte Ann Arbor Stereo City (V.T) Tech Hi Fi (T) 2101 Fort St 122 Washington Wyandotte Ann Arbor Stereoland (V,T) 13460 Northllne Southgate If you have a question about where to f ind a dealer near you, cali J. MALCOLM FLORA, INC. 1 65 W. Liberty Street Plymouth, Michigan 48170 (313) 427-7460 B I Cnd B I C VENTURI are trademarksof BRITISH INDUSTRIES COMPANY, Westbury, N. Y, 11590 División of Avnet, Inc.