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Marijuana Reform

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    The bill to decriminalize use and possession of small amounts of marijuana in Michigan, sponsored by State Reps. Perry Bullard of Ann Arbor and Jackie Vauglin of Detroit, is having a rough time of it on the House floor. Supporters of the long-overdue reform measure have succeeded in keeping it from being referred back to committee, but Rep. Rosetta Ferguson of Detroit has gotten the acceptable amount reduced from about three and a half ounces to about one ounce.

    There is no reason in creation why marijuana should not be completely legalized, but we support the reform measure as a first step in that direction and urge the legislators to stop fooling around and pass the bill now. This is the bill's third and final reading in the current session, and if no action is taken, there will be another long delay.

    Michigan should not hesitate further to join the other six states who have decriminalized the use and possession of this harmless and thoroughly enjoyable weed.