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The Joys Of A Woman

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In love,the age of repression is over, and the age of expression I I is here. I will teach you to let go. My name is Emmanuelle, and I can set you free. It's time for all of us to say that nothing is wrong if it feels good. I I Nothing is wrong if it feels good. I'm Emmanuelle. In my new movie I will show you how to enjoy the new morality. You have every right to pleasure. This is my life style. Make it yours. If more than anything else, you want loveThen I, Emmanuelle. will teach you to love with all the freedom of man and all the imagination of woman. You will say with me - nothing is wrong if it feels good. 1 Íl I Inlove itis Jm Wm Letme' I better to give M%Êt Emmanuelle, I pndtoreceive. -PWb teachyouthe I Fm secret joys WF oflove. I can show you Let me be your Let me take vou to a how to do both. quide in the art new worId where vou No partner inlove of ÏOVP wontbe content until should be cheated. Both Ot IOVe 1S should be sensually alive. Let me, Emmanuelle, bve.Then you will Let me show you take you to a new world of embrace my philosophy that nothing is wrong pleasure - and believe as J nothing is wrong if it feels good. 1 do that nothing is wrOng lf lf feels 9ood .fe. II NOW SHOWING ft feels good. (g)NooNg WDeB,aAOM,TTeo PLP J1 ?rrU rAijMJ liM'J , ;-jbr U: iirJTw' !l ï JU.aJïStB TTTTTTO I HmMMMbéMHÜÜH UbUímhmíw BémMmmmH lifiT.,íljB iHaMMidaabBiiH mLLJMmH IíummbUíéiZZQLiiA