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Music, Strings and Things GET ACQUAINTEO SALE February 12 thru 21 We think that f you come into our store once, you'll come in again. It's a different kind of music store. Now, let's see f we can get you in the first time . . . Acoustic Guitars 40% off Yamaha; 35% off Ovation, Gibson, Ibanez, Takamine; 30% off Martin, Guild, Gurian, Garcia and Hernandis; 50% off assorted shop worn and used major brand guitars. Banjos 30% off Gibson, Ibanez, Harmony and Paramount. Mandal im 30% off Harmony and Ibanez; 50% off our single Ode. We also carry Mossman & NBN guitars and Great Lakes Banjos. Recorders 30% off all Moeck and Adler. Wide assortment of flutes, dulcimers, autoharps, fiddles. kalimbas and balalaikas- sale discounted. Electric Guitars and Basses 40% off Ibanez, Crestwood, Seagull; 35% off Fender, Gibson; 25% off Travis Bean, Sunrise; 20% off Alembic. Percussion 30% off Congas, Timbales, Tabla, Güiros, Bongos. Cowbells. etc. Books 25% off the best selection in town. Strings Two sets for the price of one, all brands and qauges. Harmónicas Three for the price of two. 30% off all Accessories Brand new 3-color MS&T T-shirt, $5- free with every $100 purchase. Full store warranty on every instrument sold. Expert repairs and Lessons on guitars, banjo, mandolín, fiddle, dobro, harmónicas. Music, Strings & Things 1810 S. Woodward Birmingham (2 blocks north of 14 Mile Rd) M-F, 11-8; Sat. 10-7