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( You heard me right-by the simple expedient of sending in your name, gentle . pound of South America 's very finest smoke-certified 99 44100 per cent pure reader, you can become eligible to receive, free of charge, on the house, delivered h' IK' Colombian smoking marijuana! by a trusty courier to your door, under careful security precautions, one full . ' '{(XJ )' Winners will be drawn on March 31, 1976. 1. One Full Pound of 5. Fifty 1 -year supplies of 10. Ten LP's of your i BÉLÊÈÈ T B fied high-grade Coo Leaf papers. choice from J BS55 W Bfe.. bian marijuana, plus House records. I ■ N .B !LFrJ?-Left? vwWWl rasaSr "-ihssss? f SL k'ts i ■éBWLJZ . - "& g - 2 2. 7. One 4-foot bong from U'l .' '" ■'" J tionstoTneSUN. Tobacco Rd. ,2. Twoeasono 9% 3. ,5b'W,naTPoundofCo,. e Kalso E..H Wdd Fi. S-ta. =PBL% Leaf rolling papers. and Things. ion. (See page 31) " y'Wi MJ -Z Official " WiR a Poíimo of Golombiaw!" ERfci'j? Blawkli PjÉ JÉI Please check one or more: T fl P3 IW I ■ Wk ü ] Yes! Enter my name n the Second Annual "Win a Pound of Colombian" contest! K' B 11 f I I M W ibm lil vi W □ Yes! Send me your outrageous newspaper for one year for $5.50 Give me two years H ■ fl A V V S H' 1 tb forS10 Payment is enclosed herewith. i L I K B W M I CO I □ Yes! I support the bilí before the Michigan legislature which would make possession of up 1U WLfc V ■ M k W 3 E to 3.2 ounces of marijuana a non-criminal misdemeanor subject to a maximum S100 J ■ &.L A I W 1 BdJH fine. Let my representative know! ÜH M V .m. 1 ƒ fl BF' f CD Yes! I support State Rep. Vaughn's bilí to legalize marijuana and all drugs. Teil Jackie ' 1 Bk kAlil Ad I Vaugbn.saidso. k S2sL F JMI 1 AJ ■ Name Address B t f City and State Zip Phone B Mail to The SUN, Dept. C, PO Box 7217, Detroit 48202. NOTE: Contest limited to residents of the continental United States. . I