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JOHNNY WINTER L 4 ra. P v ro CAPTURLDLIVE! 5ïe' Bony MoromefloU Wiih Ma mcktcilng: Htghway 6t ReviwtédRock ft Floll Pfopto Slomty Lov Morwy Th Cat-Song lts A Over NowSwte! Papa John Smf táamrn n Am Th Blua PZ 33944 PC 33912 All the flash, thunder and rock & roll of a "Smile" contams eight new original com Johnny Winter concert captured live! positions that reflect the sensitivity and Rock's most exciting pe'forming artist nch vocals that have caused many to conknocked 'em dead while the tape masider Laura Nyro one of the all time great chines were running. The power here is singer songwriters of our day. staggenng. HANDLE WITH CARE! . $3.99 S3" 2 RECORD SET SpMÜy Prkidl ( Al rVIVf I MILES DAVIS CffSftt AGHARTA ÊT ■ Midni(jh(Sun (nckxkng m ' ' W indudino Prkd (Pan DPraUxl (Pan H) 'Mwytha B wLfl Th Wuaïd BlL WT Short Taita Of Bp-aM Th.BiachFort 't tIV LoThmFrom IfvMlr '".".Ar-,-?B lJK:. TTteh - - i- - - ■ ■ PG 33967 PC 34074 This incredtble new specially priced two Al DtMeola. 21-year old lead guitarist for record set trom Miles Davis & his septet Chick Coreas Return to Forevet and winwas recorded "live" in Japan at Osaka ner of the "Best New Talent" ward in Festival Hall. The sound conceived reprethis year's Gwtar P'ayer magazine poll, sents one of the highest levéis of musíeasily demonstrates in this beautiful el cianship on today's music scène, regardbum why he is destmed to be one oí the less of musical category! great guitar innovators. $4.98 $3.99 n the Michigan Union, 530 S. State, Ann Arbor Hours: M-Th 9-9, Fri 9-5:30, Sat 10-5 Columbia