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Afro-centric Preview: "the Fabulous Miss Marie"

Afro-centric Preview: "the Fabulous Miss Marie" image
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A play by Ed Bullins, performed by the Afro-Centric Theatre Con pany at the Lar ton Hughes The Thursdays-Sunc through March. and directed by The time s ( in the early sixt Horton and friends, settled around Marie's house after leaving a Christmas party. Drunk, high, full of nonchalant chatter, everyone just hanging around to watch porn fiicks and let t all hang out. Marie (played by Lisa Lindsay), a fast-moving young woman since her college days in Pittsburgh, says she's "always had freedom, knows nothing of discrimination." Marie tolerates Bil I 's drunkenness and nis playing around as long as Bill drops cash in her hands. An average middle-class Black woman who is a member of several clubs, unable to conceive children because of an abortion performed by a quack, Marie parties hearty, has a nose for everybody's business and loves to flirt with young men. Marie's all-time Ambassador Scotch. Bill (played by Henry Brown) is a good-hearted man who works for his living but is brought down by sive drjnkng. A onetime numbers man n Pittsburgh, Bill hookup with Marie in , then split with A. The biggest I made was to ith a Caucasian ■ gave birth to his g Marie in the eyes of her friends.i Art (Ron Wyche) plays the smooth-talking Casanova of the set who charms the women to get what he wants because he hates the slammer and doesn't dig street life too tough at all. Gafney (Vondi Hall) portrays the "revolutionary brother" who wants everyone to know he's relevant to what's happening. He only wants to be accepted by Black people. The Afro-Centric Theatre company lluminates Ed Bullins' vivid script with its spirited, energetic performance; you can catch them in "The Fabulous Miss Marie" at the Langston Hughes Theatre, Livernois at Davison, Thursdays through Sundays at 8:00 p.m. throughout the month of March. Cali 895-4756 for information.