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Win A Pound Of Colombian!

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You heard me right -- by the simple expedient of sending in your name, gentle reader, you can become eligible to receive, free of charge, on the house, delivered by a trusty courier to your door, under careful security precautions, one full pound of South America's very finest smoke --  certified 99 44/100 per cent pure Colombian smoking marijuana!
Winners will be drawn on March 31, 1976


1. One Full Pound of certified high-grade Colombian marijuana, plus enough CooLeaf papers to roll it all up.

2. 15 one-year subscriptions to The SUN.

3. 15 "Win a Pound of Colombian" T-shirts.

4. Lifetime supply of CooLeaf rolling papers.

5. Fifty 1-year supplies of CooLeaf papers.

6. One Quality acoustic guitar from A2 Music Mart.

7. One 4-foot bong from Tobacco Rd.

8. One pair of Kalso Earth Shoes.

9. One African kalimba from Music, Strings, and Things

10. Ten LP"s of your choice from Where-House records

11. 15 "The Clean Machine" reefer cleaning kits.

12. Two season passes to the Ann Arbor New World Film Series.

13. A gold-plated Asher (a combination pipe-roachclip) specially plated for the occasion.

Official "Win a Pound of Colombian!" Entry Blank
Please check one or more:
☐ Yes! Enter my name in the Second Annual "Win a Pound of Colombian" contest!
☐ Yes! Send me your outrageous newspaper for one year for $5.50 Give me 2 years for $10 . (2nd class mail.) 
☐ Yes! I want my SUN the day after publication. Enclosed is $14.00 for 24 issues (1st class mail.)
☐ Yes! I support the bill before the Michigan legislature which would make possession of up to 3.2 ounces of marijuana a non-criminal misdemeanor subject to a maximum $100 fine. Let my representative know! " 
☐ Yes! I support State Rep. Vaughn's bill to legalize marijuana and all drugs. Tell Jackie Vaughn I said so.

City and State________________

Mail to The SUN, Dept. C, PO Box 7217, Detroit 48202.
NOTE: Contest limited to residents of the continental United States.