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Nuclear Sea Missiles continueü jrom page J In addition, Hodges claims that "Operation Desktop" may explain the Navy's insistence on im pleinen t ing Project Seafarer in Michigan 's Upper Península. Seafarer 's extremely low frequency radio transmitter could be used to transmit messages directly to undersea receivers and detonating devices around the world. Although Hodges' investigation lacks hard information as to actual deployment and locations of seabed nuclear silos, the very fact that the Defense Department wouia consiaer sucn a project, and tnat ït would be technically feasible and militarily "advantageous," demands further investigation. "Such deployment of nuclear warheads is consistent with the beliefs of our Defense Department," Hodges explains. "And there is nothing stopping them from doing whatever they want to." Martin Por ter, an Ann Arbor-based freelancer, has worked on the Michigan Daily and the Atlanta Constitution.